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McKinley Memorial Bas Relief Tobacco Premium - Cuba Big Brother Cigarros

When President William McKinley was assassinated at the Pan-American Exposition in 1901, the American people mourned the loss of their leader who led them through the Spanish American War. Memorials to the slain president were widespread. This bas relief was distributed as a Memorial Day Souvenir by Cuba Big Brother Cigarros at a time when Cuba was under US occupation. The relief is approx. 7" x 8" on an original inscribed 9.5" x 12.5" mat. On the reverse of the mat is the hanger with the manufacturer of the premium's identification. Art Bas-Relief Manufactured by Woodward & Tierman Co. St. Louis. There are some paint spots on the reverse. This item is listed in the World Tobacco Index (WTI) Part III, page 77. Click to view reverse (003Mckintob) $500.00

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