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1940's Mini Pennants with Comic Sayings

Back in the 1940's when children were easily amused comic buttons were all the rage. We are familiar with the pin backs that were usually sold in penny vending machines. However, we have never before encountered these miniature pennants with similar comic sayings. We do not know if they were sold individually or if they were some kind of premium, nor do we know how many different sayings there were. Although these catch-phrases sound rather silly to 21st century ears and in fact we have no idea what some of them mean, we found them to be quite irresistible. They are made of felt, measure 6.5" and are in very nice condition. There are 30 different phrases. $15.00 each

Could You (Stock number 003minipen01)

Get Next! (Stock number 003minipen02)

Carry On! (Stock number 003minipen03)

Blondes Prefered (Stock number 003minipen04)

Brunettes Accepted (Stock number 003minipen05)

Ain't I Cute (Stock number 003minipen06)

Don't Tempt Me (Stock number 003minipen07)

I'm Sizzling (Stock number 003minipen08)

I'll Never Tell (Stock number 003minipen09)

I'm Not Married (Stock number 003minipen10)

Would You? (Stock number 003minipen11)

Let's Get Away (Stock number 003minipen12)

Treat 'em Rough (Stock number 003minipen13)

This Is The Life (Stock number 003minipen14)

UR The 1-4 Me (Stock number 003minipen15)

What's Cooking (Stock number 003minipen16)

Watch Your Step (Stock number 003minipen17)

Hold Me Tight (Stock number 003minipen18)

Follow Me! (Stock number 003minipen19)

Hello Handsome (Stock number 003minipen20)

I Need Loving (Stock number 003minipen21)

I'm Sweet! (Stock number 003minipen22)

Open the Door! (Stock number 003minipen23)

Keep 'em Smiling (Stock number 003minipen24)

Let's Get Lit (Stock number 003minipen25)

What's Yours? (Stock number 003minipen26)

Young and Willing (Stock number 003minipen27)

Hold Every Thing (Stock number 003minipen28)

Watch Out (Stock number 003minipen29)

Let's Go! (Stock number 003minipen30)

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