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Motion Picture. June 1929. Mary Duncan cover Very Good. (Pictured above) (Stock number 003moviemag01) $22.00

Moving Picture Stories. February 13, 1914. Photoplay stories from The Law's Decree, Rorke's Draft. Jane Eyre, The Bride of Mystery, The Greater Devoion. Into the Wilderness. Photos from the films etc. (Stock number 005mps1214a) $25.00 SOLD

Moving Picture Stories. July 2, 1915. Mary Fuller Cover. Photoplays and photos from Conscience, The Seventh Commandment, Learning to Be A Father, A Mountain Melody, The Tinker of Steubenville, The Second Beginning. Separating at the spine. (Stock number 005mps1214b) $25.00

Moving Picture Stories. September 10, 1915. Rosemary Theby Cover. Photoplays and photos from Coral, At the Road's End. The Last Reasoning, Tam O'Shanter, The Shot, For Professional Reasons. Separating at the spine. (Stock number 005mps1214c) $25.00

Moving Picture Stories. September 17, 1915. Harry C. Myers Cover. Photoplays and photos from The Deceivers. They Key to Possession, Vagabond Love, Sh-h! Don't Wake The Baby, The Eagle, The Finest Gold.. Separating at the spine. (Stock number 005mps1214d) $25.00

Moving Picture Stories. September 24, 1915. Edna Payne Cover. Photoplays and photos from Both Sides of Life, Breaking the Shackles, The House with the Drawn Shades, The Last Word, The Man in the Chair, Crime's Triangle. Separating at the spine. (Stock number 005mps1214e) $25.00 SOLD

Moving Picture Stories. October 22, 1915. Ray Gallagher Cover. Photoplays and photos from The Kiss of Dishonor, An Unwilling Thief, The Yellow Star, The Girl of the Dance Hall, A Kentucky Idyll, A Mother's Atonement. Separating at the spine. (Stock number 005mps1214f) $25.00

Modern Screen. September 1946. Van Johnson Cover Very Good. (Stock number 003moviemag02) $20.00

Modern Screen. October 1967. Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwell and Luci and Lynda Bird Johnson Cover. Very Good-Fine. (Stock number 003moviemag03) $15.00

Motion Picture. December 1938. Sonja Henie cover Very Good. (Stock number 003moviemag04) $20.00

Motion Picture March 1953. Janet Leigh Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag05) $18.00

Motion Picture October 1953. Janet Leigh Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag06) $18.00

Motion Picture September 1957. (Illustrated above) Janet Leigh Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag07) $18.00

Motion Picture November 1957. (Illustrated above) Deborah Kerr Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag08) $18.00

Motion Picture Aug. 1959. Janet Leigh Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag09) $18.00 SOLD

Motion Picture September 1959. Debbie Reynolds & Bob Neal Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag10) $18.00

Motion Picture November 1959. Debbie Reynolds & Glenn Ford Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag11) $18.00

Motion Picture Classic. January 1928. Eleanor Boardman cover. Articles on Joan Crawford, Harold Lloyd and Myrna Loy; ad for Greta Garbo in "The Divine Woman." Very Good. (Stock number 003moviemag12) $25.00

Movieland and TV Time. November 1959. Debbie Reynolds, Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Edd Byrnes Cover. VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag13) $18.00

Movieland and TV Time. August 1962. Jane Fonda cover. VG (Stock number 003moviemag42) $18.00

Movie Life. May 1958. (Illustrated above) Sal Mineo and Sandra Dee Cover. VG-F $18.00 SOLD

Movie Life. May 1959. (Illustrated above) Edd Byrnes and Doris Day Cover. VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag14) $18.00

Movie Life. September 1966. Annette Funicello. Roger Smith and Ann-Margaret Cover VG-F Soiled back cover. (Stock number 003moviemag15) $15.00

Movie Life. January 1967. Carolyn and John Kennedy, Jr. Cover. VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag16) $15.00

Movie Life. April 1974. Dean Martin Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag17) $15.00

Movie Mirror. December 1959. Debbie Reynolds Cover F (Stock number 003moviemag18) $18.00

Movie Mirror Yearbook. No. 2. 1961. Liz Taylor, Connie Francis, Bobby Rydell Cover F (Stock number 003moviemag19) $18.00

Movie Play. December 1966. Jackie Kennedy Cover. VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag20) $15.00

Movie Stars Parade TV Closeups. August 1958. (Illustrated above) Pat Boone, Dick Clark, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Jimmie Rodgers. Slight water damage. VG (Stock number 003moviemag21) $18.00

Movie Stars TV Closeups. January 1959. (Illustrated above) James Garner, Lloyd Bridges and Paul Newman on cover. VG-F(Stock number 003moviemag22) $18.00

Movie Stars TV Closeups. January 1960. Roger Smith, Tuesday Weld Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag23) $18.00

Movie Stars Parade. December 1953. Janet Leigh Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag41) $18.00

Movie World. January 1954. Doris Day, Jean Simmons Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag24) $18.00

Movie World. July 1959. (Illustrated above) Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh and children Kelly and Jaimie on cover. VG (Stock number 003moviemag25) $18.00

Photoplay. November 1954. Debbie Reynolds Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag26) $18.00

Photoplay. February 1958. (Illustrated above) Rock Hudson on cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag27) $18.00

Photoplay. May 1958. (Illustrated above) Ricky Nelson on cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag28) $18.00 SOLD

Photoplay. December 1957. (Illustrated above) Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. VG (Stock number 003moviemag29) $18.00

Photoplay. November 1958. (Illustrated above) Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh on cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag30) $18.00

Photoplay. October 1959. Doris Day Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag31) $18.00 SOLD

Photoplay. November 1959. Debbie Reynolds Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag32) $18.00

Photoplay. December 1959. (Illustrated above) Debbie Reynolds on cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag33) $18.00

Photoplay. January 1960. Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh and children Cover VG (Stock number 003moviemag34) $18.00

Popular Screen. November 1959. Fabian, Edd Byrnes, Ricky Nelson, Frankie Avalon, Pat Boone, Hugh O'Brien and Debbie Reynolds Cover. VG (Stock number 003moviemag35) $18.00

Screen Album. Spring 1944. Betty Grable Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag36) $20.00

Screen Album. Spring 1953. Doris Day Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag37) $18.00

Screen Album. Feb.-Apr. 1960. Debbie Reynolds & Fabian Cover F (Stock number 003moviemag38) $18.00

Screen Magazine. January 1954. Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag39) $18.00

Screen Stories. June 1959. Debbie Reynolds, Bob Wagner Cover VG-F (Stock number 003moviemag40) $18.00

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