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Musical Memories of Home - Vintage Sheet Music

A Selection of Vintage Sheet Music Featuring Place Names in their titles. Great for framing and decorating. Click on link to preview image. Note: all images have been cropped to fit scanner. The music is complete.

Alabama Lullaby. Cal Devol. 1919. VG-Fine (Stock Number 005ssm16) $15.00

Bam Bam Bamy Shore. Dixon and Henderson. 1925. Spine Separating VG (Stock number 005ssm18) $15.00

Come Back to Arizona. Bryan & Paley. 1916 VG-F (Stock number 005ssm19) $15.00

Arizona Mary. Young and Donovan. 1921. Spine taped with masking tape. VG (Stock number 005ssm20) $15.00

In A Window, In A House in Caroline. Frisch & Motzan. VG-F (Stock number 005ssm22) $15.00

Carolina Sunshine. Hirsch & Schmidt. 1919. Fine (Stock number 005ssm02) $15.00

When It's Cherry Blossom Time in Georgia Jones & Story. 1913. VG (Stock number 005ssm26) $15.00

Blue Hoosier Blues Van & Schenck. 1923. VG (Stock number 005ssm29) $15.00

Indiana. MacDonald & Hanley. 1917. VG (Stock number 005ssm03) $15.00

Indiana Moon. Benny Davis & Isham Jones. 1923. Binding separating some creasing. VG (Stock number 005ssm04) $15.00

Kentucky Days. Jack Mahoney & Percy Wenrich. 1912 VG (Stock number 005ssm05) $15.00

We'll Have a Jubilee in My Old Kentucky Home Lyrics Coleman Goetz, Music Walter Donaldson. 1915 VG-Fine (Stock number 005ssm40) $15.00

Ain't Cha Coming Back, Mary Ann to Maryland Lyrics & Music by Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake. 1919. VG. (Stock number 005ssm25) $15.00

Massachusetts Here We Come. A. M. Danielson. 1941. VG-Fine (Stock number 005ssm07) $15.00

Miami Waltz. Victor Jacobi. 1919. Cover loose back cover missing. (Stock number 005ssm08) $15.00

The Belle of New York Words Hugh Morton, Music Gustave Kerker. 1898. VG-Fine. (Stock number 005ssm32) $15.00

In A Cosy Little Homestead on the Old New England Shore. Ernest B. Orne. 1916. VG (Stock number 005ssm11) $15.00

Beautiful Ohio. Mary Earl. 1946. VG (Stock number 005ssm12) $15.00

By the Silver Rio Grande Ted Weems on cover. 1935. VG-Fine (Stock number 005ssm33) $15.00

Meet Me in St. Louis Louis Words Andrew B. Sterling, Music Kerry Mills. Judy Garland on cover. 1904, 1931. VG-Fine (Stock number 005ssm27) $25.00

Swanee Shore Hess & Bourne. 1946. VG (Stock number 005ssm34) $15.00

I Miss a Little Miss (Who Misses Me in Sunny Tennessee) Words Tot Seymour, Music J. Fred Coots. VG (Stock number 005ssm36) $15.00

Tennessee Waltz. Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King. Patti Page on Cover 1948 Fine (Stock number 005ssm13) $15.00

She is the Sunshine of Virginia. MacDonald & Carroll. 1916. VG (Stock number 005ssm14) $15.00

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