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N79-Histories of Poor Boys and Other Famous People - Tobacco Premium

The Duke Tobacco Series -Histories of Poor Boys Who Have Become Rich and Other Famous People (Burdick N79). A 16 page booklet from the series of fifty booklets issued circa 1889. These premiums were included in packages of Cameo, Turkish Cross-Cut, Duke, Cross-Cut and Preferred Stock Cigarettes. T. Size approx. 1.5" x 2.75"


Life of Russell Alexander Alger Crease center left and upper right. (Stock number 003N79-2) $50.00 SOLD

History of Mary Anderson. Crease lower left corner. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-3) $50.00 SOLD

Life of John Jacob Astor. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-4) $75.00

Life of P.T. Barnum. Crease center left. Corner softening (Stock number 003N79-5) $100.00 SOLD


Life of Josh Billings. Upper right corner cut. (Stock number 003N79-6a) $50.00

Life of Jas. G. Blaine. Crease at top of staple. Staple rust. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-7a) $50.00 SOLD

Life of Edwin Booth. (Stock number 003N79-8) $75.00 SOLD

Life of Chancey M. Depew. Creases.(Stock number 003N79-9) $50.00

Life of Ezra Cornell. (Stock number 003N79-10) $65.00 SOLD


Life of Horace B. Claflin. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-11) $65.00 SOLD

Life of Geo W.Childs. Crease at top of staple. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-12) $50.00 SOLD

Life of Jas. B. Eads. Multiple creases. Spine slit. Corner softening. Soil (Stock number 003N79-13) $35.00 SOLD

Life of J. Ericsson. (Stock number 003N79-14) $50.00 SOLD

History of Etelka Gerster. Paper loss at top. (Stock number 003N79-15) $50.00 SOLD


History of Jay Gould. 1/2" crease at bottom of staple on back cover (Stock number 003N79-16) $95.00 SOLD

Life of Prof. Huxley. Creases lower right corner. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-17) $50.00

Life of Robt. Ingersoll. Multiple creases. Spine slit. Corner softening. Soil (Stock number 003N79-18) $35.00

Life of Henry Irving. (Stock number 003N79-19) $80.00 SOLD

Life of Joe Jefferson. (Stock number 003N79-20) $75.00 SOLD


Life of H.W. Longfellow. Minor creasing at spine.Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-21) $65.00

Life of Materna. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-22) $50.00 SOLD

Life of J.L. Meissonier. Multiple creases. Spine slit. Corner softening. Soil (Stock number 003N79-23) $35.00

Life of J.E. Millais. (Stock number 003N79-24) $60.00

Life of Levi P. Morton. (Stock number 003N79-25) $75.00


History of Christine Nilsson. (Stock number 003N79-26) $75.00 SOLD

History of Ole Bull. Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-27) $65.00 SOLD

Life of Chas. S. Parnell (Stock number 003N79-28) $65.00

Life of Adelina Patti (Stock number 003N79-29) $65.00 SOLD

Life of George Peabody. (Stock number 003N79-30) $75.00 SOLD


Life of Edgar Allen Poe Corner softening. (Stock number 003N79-31) $75.00 SOLD

Life of Tommaso Salvini. Rust line at right of his head. (Stock number 003N79-32) $65.00

Life of T. Dewitt Talmage. (Stock number 003N79-33) $65.00

Life of Tennyson. Creases on rear cover (Stock number 003N79-34) $75.00

History of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Creases at staple. (Stock number 003N79-35) $100.00 SOLD


Life of John Wanamaker. Crease at bottom of staple. (Stock number 003N79-36) $65.00 SOLD

Life of John G. Whittier. (Stock number 003N79-37) $75.00 SOLD

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