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Historic Events as Seen by Newspapers

Edward VIII Abdication

December 12, 1936 The Boston Post. Needed Wally Declares Edward Sailing to Exile. 20pgs. Discolored some tearing and paper loss. G-VG (Stock Number 003np001) $10.00

Hindenburg Disaster

May 7, 1937 The Boston Post. Hindenburg Blows Up -- 33 Killed and 64 Saved. Airship Falls in Flames. 40 pgs. Discolored, Folded. Some wear at fold. VG (Stock Number 003np002) $35.00 SOLD

Pearl Harbor

December 6, 1942 Boston Advertiser. 8 Battleships Sunk or Damaged by Japs. 18 of 130 pages. Discolored , folded. Some wear at fold. VG (Stock Number 003np003) $20.00

December 6, 1942. The Boston Sunday Globe. President Bans Army and Navy Enlistments. First Full Report on Pearl Harbor 36 of 98 pgs. Discolored, folded some wear at fold. VG (Stock Number 003np004) $30.00

VE Day

May 8, 1945 The Boston Post. Today is V-E Day Hour Set st 9 AM. 14pgs. Discolored folded G-VG (Stock Number 003np005) $20.00

VJ Day

August 14, 1945 The Boston Post. War is Over (V-J Day) 16 pgs . Some discoloration folded in half (Stock Number 003np006) $20.00 SOLD

August 15, 1945 The Boston Post. Peace Proclaimed by President -- M'Arthur Named to Rule Japan. 14pgs. Folded. Discolored, Some edge and fold deterioration VG (Stock Number 003np007) $20.00

Roosevelt Death and Funeral

April 13, 1945 The Boston Post. President Dies Suddenly. Truman Heat of Nation. 16pgs. Folded. Discolored. VG (Stock Number 003np008) $15.00

April 14, 1945 The Boston Post. Mourning Nation to Pause for Funeral of Roosevelt Today, 12pgs. Folded, minor discoloration Slight wear at fold. VG-F (Stock Number 003np009) $15.00

April 15, 1945 The Boston Sunday Globe. Roosevelt Goes Home. 5 sections. Folded Discolored VG (Stock Number 003np010) $10.00

April 16, 1945 The Boston Post. Roosevelt at Rest on Beloved Estate. 18pgs. Discolored, wear at fold. VG. (Stock Number 003np011) $10.00

Coronation of Elizabeth II

June 3, 1953 The Boston Herald. Elizabeth II Crowned Queen, Calls for Peace, Tolerance. 44pgs. Some discoloration and fold wear. VG (Stock Number 003np012) $10.00

June 3, 1953 The Boston Post. Queen Prays for Reign of Peace, Vows to Devote Life to People. 28pgs Some discoloation at fold. Edge wear. VG (Stock Number 003np013) $10.00

Martin Luther King Assassinated

April 5, 1968 The Boston Globe. The Minister of Peace is Slain. Memphis Sniper Kills Martin Luther King. Discolored at fold. VG (Stock Number 003np014) $15.00

Eisenhower Death and Funeral

March 28, 1969 Boston Evening Globe. Ex-President Eisenhower Dies. 52pgs. Discolored, VG-Fine (Stock Number 003np015) $10.00

March 30, 1969 Boston Sunday Globe. A Nation Remembers Ike. 3 sections 84pgs. Some discoloration VG-Fine (Stock Number 003np016) $10.00

March 31, 1969 Boston Evening Globe. Washington Bids Ike Last Farewell 40pg Some discoloration and wear at fold. Otherwise Fine. (Stock Number 003np017) $10.00

Johnson Death

January 23, 1973 Boston Evening Globe. Capital rites set for President Johnson. 46pgs Some discoloration otherwise fine,. (Stock Number 003np018) $10.00

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