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N.Y.N.H.&H.R.R. Station Plans and Drawings

Here are a group original plans on vellum from the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. . These are original 8.5" x 14" copies made in the railroads print room and used by the buildings department of the railroad in maintenance and modification. These were actual working drawings so that minor soil, stains and creases are present. The appearance is superior to the scans we have provided on this page.

Station at Versailles. Willimantic Br - Worcester Div. Built 1905 (Stock number 003NHVers) $45.00

Sketch Plan of Leeds Mass., Combination Station. Air Line Northhampton Division. (Stock Number 003NHLeeds) $35.00

Passenger Station Pomfret Conn. Midland Division. Built Dec 1905. Columns in Waiting Room, Detail Section Through Ticket Office Bay. (Stock number 003NHPomfret) $35.00

New York New Haven and Hartford RR Co, Freight Houses built at Quincy Adams, 1904 and So. Weymouth 1906. Plymouth Divsion (Stock number 003NHWeym) $45.00

Monponsett Station. Plymouth Divsion (Stock number 003NHMonpon) $45.00

Harrison Sq. Station and Tower. (Stock number 003NHHarris) $45.00

Proposed Office for Yard Master. Putnam Conn. Click to view drawing (Stock number 003NHPutnam) $35.00

Second Freight House From Pass. Station. Northern Division Northboro Station. Click to view drawing (Stock number 003NHNorthb) $35.00

End Elevation. Freight House Norwood Mass. Midland Division.. Click to view drawing (Stock number 003NHNorwood) $35.00

Engine House Harlem River, NY. Repairs to Engine House. . Click to view drawing (Stock number 003NHHarlem) $35.00

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