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Paper Chewing/Plug Tobacco Tags

Dating back to the 1870's these paper chewing tobacco or plug tags are far rarer than the tin tags we and other dealers frequently sell. Many are tobacco stained on the back - we rate the condition VG. The rarity justifies the prices. Most of these tags do not duplicate their tin brethren. Images are near actual size. Minimum order from this page is $20.00

Ben Franklin (Rough Shape) (Stock number 003ptb06) $6.00

Bingo (Stock number 003ptb07) $12.00

Black Swan (Stock number 003ptb04) $10.00

Canada Navy. (Stock number 003ptc02) $10.00

Lorillard's Good Smoke (Stock number 003ptg06) $10.00 SOLD

Greyhound. (Stock number 003ptg05) $12.00

Master Workman (Stock number 003ptm10) $10.00

Mayflower (Stock number 003ptm15) $12.00

Mayo's Genuine U.S. Navy (Stock number 003ptm11) $14.00

Old Bourbon. (Stock number 003pto01) $6.00

Old Bourbon (Stock number 003pto09) $12.00

Old Country (Stock number 003pto11) $14.00

Peacock (Stock number 003ptp06) $12.00 SOLD

Premium (Stock number 003ptp07) $12.00

Punch (Stock number 003ptp04) $10.00

Quick Cash (Stock number 003ptq02) $14.00

Rattler (Stock number 003ptr05) $12.00

Rawl Neal (Stock number 003ptr06) $10.00

Silver Bar (Stock number 003pts09) $12.00

B.C.T. & Co Smoker's Choice (Stock number 003pts11) $12.00

Something Good (Stock number 003pts12) $12.00

Spearhead. British-American Tobacco Co. successor to P. J. Sorg Co. (Stock number 003pts13) $12.00

Spring. Original Tin Nail (Stock number 003pts10) $16.00

Teaser Rough Condition (Stock number 003ptt05) $8.00

True to The Core (Stock number 003ptt03) $15.00

Wild Rose Ink stain. (Stock number 003ptw07) $14.00

Wild Rose (Stock number 003ptw08) $16.00

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