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Player Piano Rolls

19th century entertainment was live entertainment and the piano was the instrument of choice for well-to-do sophisticated urban families. Guitars, fiddles and banjos were country instruments and not deemed worthy of serious study. But the piano required application and talent and was available to the relatively few who could afford such a costly instrument. The dawn of the 20th century would bring many new musical inventions that would change the face of music forever. Beginning around 1900 the player piano made its appearance and for the first time there was music "on demand." The paper rolls were inserted into the piano and the air-pressure hammers allowed the piano to play itself. The hammers struck the strings, vibrated them and permitted the sound to resonate through the wood. For the first time classical favorites as well as the rag time tunes of Jelly Roll Morton could be played in a family's front parlor at will. Many of the performers were the greatest artists of their day. Arrangements, composition, over-dubbing and marketing entered the world of music. The tunes evolved over time. The end of the Victorian era gave way to uninhibited music with radical new rhythms and forms. As the economy at the beginning of the 20th century flourished many middle class families were able to afford a player piano and the library of piano rolls that were readily available. The Depression marked the end of the player piano's heyday. New technological advances such as radio, the phonograph and talking movies combined with financial strains to make the instrument obsolete. Yet it never fully disappeared from the landscape. New player pianos have come on the market and a supply of the old paper rolls makes it possible to enjoy today the little known songs of another era. We are offering a box of 50 piano rolls. We have not checked every roll but they do seem to be intact and playable. Sold as a lot. The titles are listed below. (Stock number 003pianorolls) $150.00

Moonbeam! Kiss Her for Me, Solitude, Wishing and Waiting for Love, Cross Roads, Sonny Boy, A Gal in Calico, It's Too Late to be Sorry Now, I'm Still Caring, A Precious Little Thing Called Love, It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody), Jeannine I Dream of Lilac Time, Once in a While, May I?, Everything I Have is Yours, Neapolitan Nights, Guess Who?, Dinner for One, Fair and Warmer, Shadow Waltz, Believe It, Beloved, Carmela Mia, My Angeline, How Many Times?, Born and Bred in Brooklyn, You Didn't Have to Tell Me, Speranze Perdute, Kate O'Donoghue, I'm Thru with Love, Just One More Chance, Vieni E Dansa Il Dolce "Waltz", My Ohio Home, Waltzing in a Dream, Senza Mamma, Some Sweet Day, Where Do You Work-A, John?, Good-Night, Dearie, Waves of the Danube, The Midnight Waltz, Ramona, The Day You Came Along, There's Danger in Your Eyes, Cherie, Frate E Sora, There's Everything Nice About You, What Does it Matter, Cielo Celeste, The Anniversary Waltz, A Picture of Mother, Play Fiddle, Play, 'A Tazza 'E Cafe, Just a Gigolo.

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