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"The Playgoer" - Programs from the Los Angeles Theatre

The Playgoer was the West Coast equivalent to Broadway's Playbill. It followed the same format as the Playbill. They also contain a number of ads, usually for upscale products and stores, that are interesting in themselves. We offer a small selection from the 1960's.

Edward Albee's The American Dream and The Death of Bessie Smith. Civic Playhouse. 1962. Constance Ford, Robert Palmer, Len Lesser, Greg Morris, Garland Thompson, Joan Shepard, Otis Greene, Jackie Coogan, Doris Dowling, Margaret Hamilton, Alice Reinheart, Don Dorell. (Stock number 003LAP001) $15.00

Beyond the Fringe. Huntington Hartford Theatre. 1963. Patrick Carter, William Christopher, Patrick Horgan, Paxton Whitehead. Created by Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, and Jonathan Miller. (Stock number 003LAP002) $15.00

Brendan Behan's The Hostage. Biltmore Theatre. 1961. Donald Moffat, Eileen Kennally, William H. Bassett, Kathleen Rowland, Anita Dangler, Robert McCord, Lawrence Beattie, Aubrey Morris, Beulah Garrick, Jeremy Wilkin, Lelia Barry, Edward Grover, Jamie Ross, Richard Sabol, Bill Johnson, Vincent O'Connor. (Stock number 003LAP003) $15.00 SOLD

Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feein' So Sad. Biltmore Theatre. 1963. Hermione Gingold, Alix Elias, Sam Waterston, Sandor Szabo. (Stock number 003LAP004) $15.00

Summer and Smoke. Coronet Theatre. 1961. Joan Tompkins, James Logan, Bruno Ve Sota, Constance Marlow, James Wellman, Linda Bishop. Viola Stimpson, Stephen Welles, Morton Lowry. (Stock number 003LAP005) $15.00

The Tenth Man. Huntington Hartford Theatre. 1962. Jacob Ben-Ami, Risa Schwartz, Michael Lipton, David Vardi, Anatol Winogradoff, Truman Gaige, Maurice Shrog, Gene Gross, Morris Strassberg, Martin Wolfson. (Stock number 003LAP006) $15.00

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