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Playboy Magazines of the 1950's - 1980's

All magazines are in very good or better condition. No sales to persons under 18 years of age or to areas where such sale would be illegal.

February 1956 Marguerite Empey, Chuckles with your cocktails, Jayne Mansfield pictorial. Centerfold loose. VG $30.00 (Stock #PBM5602)

January 1960 Stella Stevens, Playmate review. F $35.00 (Stock #PBM6001)

February 1960 Susie Scott, Jayne Mansfield pictorial. Centerfold loose. VG $25.00 (Stock #PBM6002)

March 1960 Sally Sarrell. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6003)

April 1960 Linda Gamble, Isabel Sarliss pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6004) SOLD

May 1960 Ginger Young. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6005)

July 1960 Teddi Smith, Marie Renfro: the nude look. F $25.00 (Stock #PBM6007)

December 1960 Carol Eden, Teddi Smith, Marilyn Monroe pictorial, Janet Pilgram, Lisa Williams, Linda Vargas, Joyce Nizzari, Ellen Stratton. VG $35.00 (Stock #PBM6012)

January 1961 Connie Cooper. VG-F $20.00 (Stock #PBM6101)

March 1961 Tonya Crews, the nude wave in Hollywood. VG-F $25.00 (Stock #PBM6103)

August 1961 Karen Thompson, the girls of Hawaii. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6107)

February 1962 Kari Knudsen, Cynthia Maddox covergirl, the girls of Rome pictorial. VG-F $20.00 (Stock #PBM6202)

May 1962 Marya Carter, the villain still pursues her: a pictorial, Cynthia Maddox. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6205)

June 1962 Merissa Mathes, toast to bikinis and scuba gear and scuba gear pictorials. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6206)

July 1962 Unne Terjesen, Janet Pilgram pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6207)

August 1962 Jan Roberts, return to Rome: Gesa Meiken. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6208)

September 1962 Mickey Winters. G-VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6209)

October 1962 Laura Young, Bonnie Jo Halpin cover, girls of London pictorial. VG $25.00 (Stock #PBM6210)

March 1963 Adrienne Moreau. Cynthia Maddox Cover. Playmate Runoff: June Cochran, Avis Kimble, Laura Young. Shel Silverstein, Bertrand Russell Interview. VG $35.00 (Stock #PBM6303)

April 1963 Sandra Settani, Kelly Collins Cover, the girls of Africa, NY Playboy Club Opening. On Her Majesty's Secret Service Part I - Ian Fleming VG $35.00 (Stock #PBM6304)

June 1963 Connie Mason. Jayne Mansfield Cover and Pictorial. On Her Majesty's Secret Service Part III - Ian Fleming. Harry the Rat with Women Part I - Jules Pfeifer. VG $45.00 (Stock #PBM6306)

July 1963 Carrie Enright, Judy Newton cover, Bunnies Pictorial: Christa Speck, Pam Gordon, Linda Gamble, Carrie Radisom, Joyce Nizzari, June Cochran. Harry the Rat with Women Part II - Jules Pfeifer. VG $25.00 (Stock #PBM6307)

August 1963 Phyllis Sherwood, Nancy Perry cover. African Queen: Gillian Tanner pictorial. Shel Silverstein in a Nudist Camp. Bernard Malamud. VG $25.00 (Stock #PBM6308)

October 1963 Christine Williams, Teddi Smith Cover, Playboy Clubs:Disneyland for adults, Elsa Martinelli pictorial VG $35.00 (Stock #PBM6310)

November 1963 Terre Tucker. Sharon Rogers Cover. Girls of Canada, Cleopatra, Italian style: Pacale Petit. Shel Silverstein. Cover loosening. G $20.00 (Stock #PBM6311)

January 1964 Sharon Rogers, Marilyn Monroe Pictorial. VG $40.00 (Stock #PBM6401)

March 1964 Nancy Scott, Olga Schoberova cover, the girls of Russia, 1955 Playmates revisited. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6403) SOLD

April 1964 Ashlyn Martin, Karen Lynn and Peter Sellers cover, Peter Sellers mimes the movie Lovers, 1956 Playmates revisited. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6404)

September 1964 Astrid Schulz, Heather Hewitt cover, Playboy in Jamaica, Elke Sommer pictorial, 1961 Playmates revisited. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6409)

October 1964 Rosemary Hillcrest, Judy Newman cover, Marco Polo's spices pictorial, 1962 Playmates revisited. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6410)

November 1964 Kai Brendinger, Maria Hoff cover, the girls of Germany, 1963 Playmates revisited. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6411)

December 1964 Jo Collins, Ian Fleming interview, Carroll Baker pictorial, the readers' choice top ten Playmates: Connie Mason, Laura Young, June Cochran, Christa Speck, Janet Pilgram, Toni Ann Thomas, Joyce Nizzari, Lisa Winters, Heidi Becker, Donna Michelle. G-VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6412)

January 1965 Holiday Anniversary Issue - Playboy Rabbit on cover. Playmate review, interview: Martin Luther King, Peter Ustinov, Ray Bradbury, Terry Southern, Budd Schulberg. F $45.00 (Stock #PBM6501)

February 1965 Jessica St. George, Teddi Smith cover, the Beatles interview, Donna Michelle & Kim Novak pictorials. F $45.00 (Stock #PBM6502)

March 1965 Jennifer Jackson, Carol Lynley pictorials. F $45.00 (Stock #PBM6503)

April 1965 Sue Williams, Lannie Balcom cover, the Playboy bed, the Playboy playoff: Jo Collins, China Lee and Astrid Schulz. F $25.00 (Stock #PBM6504)

May 1965 Maria McBane, the kiss: Barbara Bouchet, Stella Stevens pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6505)

June 1965 Hedy Scott, Turid Lundberg cover, the bid bunny hop picture essay, Ursula Andress pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6506)

July 1965 Gay Collier, Joey Thorpe cover, the girls of the Riviera. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6507)

August 1965 Lannie Balcom, Jo Collins cover and Playmate of the year pictorial, Ursula Andress. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6508)

September 1965 Patti Reynolds, Teddi Smith cover, Saturday night with Genghis Khan pictorial, Jeanne Moreau. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6509)

October 1965 Penny James cover, Allison Parks - playmate, interview Madalyn Murray, Ralph Ginzburg, Jules Feiffer, Bunnies of Miami. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6510)

November 1965 Pat Russo, Beth Hyatt cover, James Bond's girls pictorial, the nude look. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6511)

February 1966 Melinda Windsor, the girls of Rio. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6602)

April 1966 Karia Conway, Cynthia Maddox cover, the Playboy story, history of sex in the cinema featuring the Jean Harlow nudes, Mae West, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, & Hedy Lamarr. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6604)

June 1966 Kelly Burke, Mary Warren cover, the girls of Texas. G $20.00 (Stock #PBM6606)

July 1966 Tish Howard, Patti Reynolds, Penny James, Joann Russell, Barbara Shaw & Joey Thorpe cover, Sean Connery strikes again, Sue Ane Langdon, Ursula Andress & Jean Seberg. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6607)

September 1966 Dianne Chandler Playmate & cover, topless pictorial, Jocelyn Lane. Center fold loose. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6609)

November 1966 Lisa Baker, Sue Bachelor cover, see-through & micro female fashions, Ingrid Weber, Francisca Gedzek and Uta Levika. Center fold loose. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6611)

December 1966 Sue Bernard, Nancy Gould cover, Girls of Tahiti, London: Playboy on the town. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6612)

February 1967 Kim Faber, Helen Kirk cover, the girls of Casino Royale with Woody Allen & Joanne Pettet. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6702)

March 1967 Fran Gerard, Nancy Chamberlain cover, the Tate Gallery: Sharon Tate pictorial, the Bunnies of Missouri. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6703)

April 1967 Cheryl Shrode cover, interview - Arnold Toynbee, Jules Feiffer, Jean Shepherd, Gwen Wong playmate. F $20.00 (Stock #PBM6704)

May 1967 Anne Randall, Beth Hyatt, Sylvia Koscina pictorial, Woody Allen interview. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6705)

July 1967 Heather Ryan, Venita Wolf cover, the girls of Paris pictorial, Michael Caine interview. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6707)

September 1967 Angela Dorian, Bo Bussmann cover, the trip: Mara Sykes pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6709)

October 1967 Reagan Wilson, the fox: Anne Heywood & Sandy Dennis pictorials. VG $20.00(Stock #PBM6710)

November 1967 Kaya Christian, Beth Hyatt cover, Playboy's charter yacht party. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6711)

December 1967 Lynn Winchell Playmate & cover, Elke Sommer pictorial, the Bunnies of Hollywood. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6712)

January 1968 Connie Kreski, Stella Stevens pictorial. VG$20.00 (Stock #PBM6801) SOLD

February 1968 Nancy Harwood, Paulette Lindberg cover, the lady in blue: Joanna Pettet, the Miss Nude Universe contest. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6802)

March 1968 Michelle Hamilton, Sharon Kristie cover, the bizarre beauties of Barbarella: Jane Fonda and others, brush-on fashions pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6803)

April 1968 Gaye Rennie, Dolly Read cover and pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6804)

May 1968 Elizabeth Jordan, Angela Dorian cover and Playmate of the Year pictorial, Julie Newmar. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6805)

July 1968 Melodye Prentiss, Lynn Hahn cover, Leicia pictorial, Sex in the cinema. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6807)

August 1968 Gale Olson, Aino Korva cover, Carroll Baker pictorial. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6808)

October 1968 Majiken Haugedal, Dale Fahey cover, Barbara McNair. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6810)

December 1968 Cynthia Mylers Playmate and cover, the girls of the orient, erotica. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6812)

January 1969 Leslie Bianchini, fifteenth anniversary issue, sex stars of the sixites: Natalie Wood, Stella Stevens, Sharon Tate, Carol Lynley VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6901)

March 1969 Kathy MacDonald, Penny James cover, Connie Kreski, Joan Collins, Marie LijedahlVG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6903)

April 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6904)

May 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6905)

June 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6906)

July 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6907)

August 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6908)

October 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6910)

November 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6911)

December 1969 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM6912)

February 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7002)

March 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7003)

April 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7004)

June 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7006)

July 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7007)

August 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7002)

September 1970 VG $20.00(Stock #PBM7009)

October 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7010)

November 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7011)

December 1970 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7012)

February 1971 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7102)

March 1971 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7103)

June 1971 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7106)

July 1971 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7107)

September 1971 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7109)

December 1971 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7112)

January 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7201)

March 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7203)

April 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7204)

May 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7205)

June 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7206)

July 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7207)

August 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7208)

September 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7209)

October 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7210) SOLD

November 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7211)

December 1972 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7212)

January 1973 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7301)

February 1973 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7302)

March 1973 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7303)

April 1973 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7304)

May 1973 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7305)

June 1973 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7306)

July 1973 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7307)

August 1973 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7308)

October 1973 Centerfold loose. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7310)

November 1973 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7311)

December 1973 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7312)

January 1974 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7401)

February 1974 Centerfold loose. VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7402)

March 1974 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7403)

April 1974 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7404)

May 1974 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7405)

June 1974 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7406)

July 1974 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7407)

August 1974 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7408)

September 1974 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7409)

October 1974 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7410)

November 1974 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7411)

December 1974 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7412)

January 1975 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7501)

February 1975 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7502)

March 1975 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7503)

April 1975 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7504)

May 1975 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7505)

June 1975 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7506)

July 1975 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7507)

August 1975 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7508)

September 1975 VG $20.00(Stock #PBM7509)

October 1975 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7510)

November 1975 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7511) SOLD

December 1975 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7512)

January 1976 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7601)

February 1976 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7602)

March 1976 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7603)

April 1976 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7604)

May 1976 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7605)

June 1976 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7606) SOLD

July 1976 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7607)

August 1976 F $20.00(Stock #PBM7608)

September 1976 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7609)

October 1976 F $20.00(Stock #PBM7610)

December 1976 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7612)

January 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7701)

April 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7704)

May 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7705)

July 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7707)

August 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7708)

September 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7709)

October 1977 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7710)

November 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7711)

December 1977 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7712)

January 1978 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7801)

February 1978 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7802)

March 1978 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7803)

April 1978 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7804)

May 1978 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7805)

June 1978 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7806)

July 1978 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7807)

August 1978 F $20.00(Stock #PBM7808)

September 1978 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7809)

October 1978 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7810)

November 1978 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7811)

December 1978 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7812)

January 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7901)

February 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7902)

March 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7903)

April 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7904)

May 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7905)

June 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7906)

July 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7907)

August 1979 F $35.00 (Stock #PBM7908)

September 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7909)

October 1979 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM7910)

November 1979 VG $20.00 (Stock #PBM7911)

December 1979 F $25.00 (Stock #PBM7912)

February 1982 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM8202)

January 1984 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM8401)

March 1984 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM8403)

September 1984 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM8409)

July 1989 F $20.00 (Stock #PBM8907)

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