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Actors and Actresses - John Player & Son 1898 Cigarette Cards-Singles

John Player & Sons, Ltd. Castle Tobacco Factory, Nottingham. English cigarette card. Issued in 1898 this series of 25 Cards shows a famous actor in his role. Cards measure approx. 1 3/8" x 2 5/8". Priced as marked.

William Terris as "Don Pedro" Stains at upper and middle left edge. Some loss of paper coating on reverse. (Stock number 003pcc001) $25.00

George Alexander as "Orlando" Light stains at mid-right edge. Slight paper coating loss on reverse (Stock number 003pcc002) $30.00

Wilson Barrett as "Marcus Superbus"Light coating loss. (Stock number 003pcc003) $30.00

Winifred Emery in "Under the Red Robe" Small stain at lower left. (Stock number 003pcc004) $30.00

Ellen Terry in "Faust". Stains at upper right (Stock number 003pcc005) $25.00

Kate Vaughn as "Lady Teazle. Stains on right of image (Stock number 003pcc006) $22.00

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