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The Photo Miniature - Practical Photographic Library

Published Monthly in the early decades of the twentieth century, The Photo Miniature provided a practical education in a single aspect of photography in each issue. Each issue shows some edge nicks and peeling on the spin. But complete and tight.

Focal Plane Photography. Number 77 January 1907 (Stock number 003pmini77) $25.00

How To Make Lantern Slides. Number 130 February 1914 (Stock number 003pmini130) $25.00

Travel and the Camera. Number 138 June 1915 (Stock number 003pmini138) $25.00

Winter Photography. Number 155 November 1916 (Stock number 003pmini155) $25.00

Color Photography. Number 183 July 1921 (Stock number 003pmini183) $25.00

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