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Political Memorabilia and Pinback Buttons

Some pictures are slightly larger than actual size on many systems. Click to image to see enlarged view where available.

John F. Kennedy - 1961-1963. Large red, white and blue button. 3.5" diameter. Some paint loss at edges, small rust spot on back. (Stock number 003polJFK01) $20.00 SOLD

John F. Kennedy - 1960-1963. Political postcard published after JFK's inauguration reads "Ask not what your country can do for you . . ask what you can do for your country." 35th President - John F. Kennedy." Blank card. (Stock number 003polJFK02) $10.00 SOLD

Barry Goldwater 1964. Gold tone lapel pin with Goldwater spelled out. 2" (Stock number 003polGoldwater2) $20.00

Barry Goldwater 1964. Picture of Goldwater on a gold pinback button "Goldwater in '64." 1" diameter. Some rust. (Stock number 003polGoldwater3) $10.00 SOLD

Elliot Richardson Campaign Hat. 11 12" x 5 1/2" (Stock number 003polRichardson) $20.00 SOLD

1960 Campaign. Democratic party symbol the donkey with two lucky horseshoes. Tie tack. 1" (Stock number 003polDem) $10.00

George McGovern 1972 Democratic Nominee for President. Political postcard shows Senator and Mrs. George McGovern with grandson Timmy. It reads "He is so highly admired by all his colleagues, not just for his ability, but because of the kind of man he is." Robert F. Kennedy."(Stock number 003polMcGovern) $10.00

Freedom is Not Free. Red, white and blue tab back pin in the shape of the Liberty Bell. The "m" in Freedom and the "e" in Free are cut off. 1" (Stock number 003pol0908x) $25.00

(Book) Memorial Life of William McKinley, Our Martyred President. Illustrated with engravings. Published 1901. 512 pgs. (Stock Number 003pol001) $55.00

reads "I'll bet you 10-1." (Stock number 003polTaft) SOLD

Barry Goldwater 1964. Gold tone Republican elephant lapel pin wearing Goldwater's characteristic black horn-rimmed glasses. 1.5" (Stock number 003polGoldwater1) $25.00 SOLD

Woodrow Wilson 1912-1920. Political postcard reads "The world must be made safe for Democracy; its peace must be planted upon trusted foundations and political liberty. To such a task we can dedicate our lives and our fortunes. Extracts from President Wilson's war message." Blank card. (Stock number 003polWilson1029b) SOLD

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