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Radio and Cereal Premiums

Lum and Abner Walkin' Weather Prophet Brass Pin. 1936 Horlick's Malted Milk Premium. The litmus paper insert foretold the weather. It is now inactive due to age. Excellent Condition (Stock number 005LumAbner) $65.00

Bobby Benson's Code Book 1935 Hecker-H-O Premium. 23 page booklet on codes and Bobby Benson's own code. Excellent Condition (Stock number 005Bensoncode) $40.00

Death Valley Days Picture Sheet. Newspaper Style Promo. Very Fine (Stock number 005dvd1) $25.00

Death Valley Tales as told by the Old Ranger. 12 pages. Inside rear cover is map of Death Valley. Nicks and spine rubs. (Stock number 005dvd2) $25.00

Tom Mix Metal Telescope. 1938. Ralston Purina. . Some surface wear (Stock number 005tmx105) $60.00

Tom Mix Plastic Bullet Telescope and Bird Call 1950's. Ralston Purina. Bird Call Whitsle is iinside bullet. Fine Condition (Stock number 005tmx211) $65.00

Tom Mix Premium Catalog Sheet and Order Blank 1937. Ralston Purina. C3334E-3-37. Fine Condition (Stock number 005mix1) $35.00

Tom Mix Premium Catalog 1938. Ralston Purina. C-451-E-2-38. Fine Condition One quarter of catalog shown.(Stock number 005mix4) $45.00

Tom Mix Tom Mix Ry-Krisp Advertising Folder. 4 pages. 1937. Ralston Purina. C523A-9-37. Fine Condition (Stock number 005mix5) $20.00

Jack Armstrong Explorer Telescope. 1938. Cardboard tube with metal caps holding glass lenses. Embossed on the side "Jack Armstrong Explorer." (Stock number 005JAC27) $25.00

One Man's Family. 20th Anniversary Souvenir, Mother Barbour's Favorite Recipes. Circa 1951. Very good condition. (Stock number 005omf1) $20.00

Today's Children. Family Album. 1935 Pillsbury Flour. Early Soap Opera. Very good condition. (Stock number 005today1) $20.00

Wheatenaville News. Volume 2 No. 1. 1934. NBC radio program. Newspaper featuring the program characters from "The Town You'd Like to Live in." Folded newsprint. Some tears. (Stock number 005wheatena) $20.00

One Man's Family. Looks At Life. Copyright 1938. Book includes cast photos.. Very fine condition. (Stock number 005omf2) $30.00

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