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A Small Collection of Vintage Amateur Radio QSL Cards

Principally from the 1930's and 1940's A small collection of original amateur radio QSL cards in cluding cards from behind the "iron curtain".. From a New Hampshire ham. G2DCV England, 1948;W3HJV Ft Hoyle Maryland 1938;G3GG Rugby England, 1947; G5CI Surrey England 1948; UG6AB Moscow USSR 1947; URSA-3-997 Moscow USSR 1949; OK11A, Czechoslovakia 1948; DL1ZV Hamburg Germany 1950; PY2KT S. Paulo Brasil, 1940; CM2BA Habana Cuba 1940; PY-1CQ Rio de Janero Brasil 1940; GW3FSP Skewen, Glam. England 1949; W9GFF Granite City Illinois, 1941; W1JAH Adams Mass 1936; OK1MY Prague Czechoslovakia 1949; W4KLL, Miami Beach Florida 1946; W1FTJ Bow New Hampshire 1949.. (Stock number 003QSL1) SOLD

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