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R94 - Movie Stars and Scenes Strip Cards

Issued at some time between 1933 and 1942 these approximately 2 1/4" x 3" cards depicted movie stars and scenes from motion pictures of the day. Burdick designation for this series is R94. Each card is $10.00..

003r94-1 Cheyenne | 003r94-2 Cheyenne

003r94-3 Cheyenne | 003r94-4 Cheyenne

003r94-5 Code of the Scarlet | 003r94-6 Danger Street

003r94-7 Danger Street | 003r94-8 Danger Street

003r94-9 The Devil's Saddle | 003r94-10 The Devil's Saddle

003r94-11 Dog Law | 003r94-12 Dog Law

003r94-13 The Lawless Legion | 003r94-14 The Lawless Legion

003r94-15 The Phantom City SOLD| 003r94-16 Son of the Golden West

003r94-17 The Wagon Show | 003r94-18 The Young Whirlwind

003r94-19 The Young Whirlwind | 003r94-20 The Young Whirlwind

003r94-21 | 003r94-22

003r94-23| 003r94-24

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