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R97 - Movie Star Strip Cards

Issued at some time between 1933 and 1942 these approximately 2 1/4" x 3" cards depicted movie stars of their day. Burdick designation for this series is R97.

003r97-1 | 003r97-2 | 003r97-3

Buzz Barton (Stock number 003r97-1) $10.00

Warner Baxter (Stock number 003r97-2) $10.00

Maria Corda (Stock number 003r97-3) $10.00

003r97-4 | 003r97-5 | 003r97-6

Corrinne Griffith (Stock number 003r97-4) $10.00

Dorothy MacKaill (Stock number 003r97-5) $10.00

Colleen Moore (Stock number 003r97-6) $10.00

003r97-7 | 003r97-8 | 003r97-9

Antonio Moreno (Stock number 003r97-7) $10.00

Jack Mulhall (Stock number 003r97-8) $10.00

Carmell Myers (Stock number 003r97-9) $10.00

003r97-10 | 003r97-11 | 003r97-12

Milton Sills (Stock number 003r97-10) $10.00

Bob Steele (Stock number 003r97-11) $10.00

Thelma Todd (Stock number 003r97-12) $10.00

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