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Radio City Music Hall Programs

Radio City Music Hall, "Showplace of the Nation," was, and still is, one of the premier showcases for Hollywood blockbusters. The building, a monument to Art Deco opulence, dominates Rockefeller Center in New York City. Going inside transported the average person back to a time of elegance and gentility. A trip to Radio City was an event in the lives of New Yorkers as well as a must see destination for out-of-towners. It was a multifaceted experience involving the magnificent theatre, the family friendly movie, and of course the stage show featuring the world famous Rockettes. We have acquired a small collection of programs from the 1940's and 1950's. The casts of the movies are a sample of the greats of Hollywood. Each program has pictures of the two leading actors. The ads in the program also provide interesting historical insights. Most are in very good or better condition. Exceptions are noted.

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June 10, 1943 The More the Merrier Starring Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Charles Coburn, Richard Gaines, Bruce Bennett, Frank Sully, Clyde Fillmore, Stanley Clements, Don Douglas. Separation at fold, paper loss, tear. (Stock number 003RCMH01) $15.00

November 30, 1944 Together Again. Starring Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Charles Coburn, Mona Freeman, Jerome Courtland, Elizabeth Patterson, Charles Dingle, Walter Baldwin, Fern Emmett, Frank Puglia. (Stock number 003RCMH02) $15.00 SOLD

February 14, 1945 Adventure. Starring Clark Gable, Greer Garson, Joan Blondell, Thomas Mitchell, Tom Tully, John Qualen, Richard Hayden, Lina Romay, Philip Merivale, Harry Davenport, Tito Renaldo. (Stock number 003RCMH03) $15.00

July 4, 1946 Anna and the King of Siam. Starring Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison, Linda Darnell, Lee J. Cobb, Gale Sondergaard, Mikhail Rasumny, Dennis Hoey, Tito Renaldo, Richard Lyon, William Edmunds, John Abbott, Leonard Strong, Mickey Roth, Diana Van den Ecker, Si-Lan Chen. (Stock number 003RCMH04) $15.00

August 22, 1946 Notorious. Starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern, Madame Konstantin, Reinhold Schunzel, Moroni Olsen, Ivan Triesault, Alex Minotis, Wally Brown, Sir Charles Mendl, Ricardo Costa, Eberhard Krumschmidt, Fay Baker. (Stock number 003RCMH05) $15.00

February 27, 1947 The Sea of Grass. Starring Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Robert Walker, Melvyn Douglas, Phyllis Thaxter, Edgar Buchanan, Harry Carey, Ruth Nelson, Robert Armstrong, William "Bill" Phillips, James Bell, Robert Barrat, Charles Trowbridge, Russell Hicks, Trevor Bardette, Morris Ankrum. (Stock number 003RCMH06) $15.00

June 19, 1947 Great Expectations. Starring John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Bernard Mills, Francis L. Sullivan, Anthony Wager, Jean Simmons, Finlay Currie, Martita Hunt, Alec Guiness, Ivor Bernard, Freda Jackson, Torin Thatcher, Eoleen Erskine, Hay Petrie, George Hayes, O. B. Clarence, John Forrest. (Stock number 003RCMH07) $15.00

December 8, 1949 On the Town. Starring Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett, Ann Miller, Jules Munshin, Vera-Ellen, Florence Bates, Alice Pearce, George Meader. (Stock number 003RCMH08) $15.00

April 19, 1951 Father's Little Dividend. Starring Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennett, Don Taylor, Billie Burke, Moroni Olsen, Richard Rober, Marietta Canty, Rusty Tamblyn, Tom Irish, Hayden Rorke, Paul Harvey. (Stock number 003RCMH09) $15.00

October 11, 1951 An American in Paris. Starring Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant, Georges Guetary, Nina Foch, Eugene Borden, Martha Bamattre, Mary Young. (Stock number 003RCMH10) $15.00

January 31, 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth. Starring Betty Hutton, Cornel Wilde, Charlton Heston, Dorothy Lamour, Gloria Grahame, James Stewart, Henry Wilcoxon, Lyle Bettiger, Lawrence Tierney, Emmett Kelly, Cucciola, Antoinette Concello, John Ringling North, John Kellogg, Frank Wilcox, Bob Carson, Lillian Albertsom, Julia Faye. (Stock number 003RCMH11) $15.00

July 28, 1960 Bells Are Ringing. Starring Judy Holiday, Dean Martin, Fred Clark, Eddie Foy, Jr. Jean Stapleton, Bernie West, Dort Clarke, Valerie Allen. (Stock number 003RCMH12) $15.00

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