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Raleigh Cigarettes Paper Advertising Signs

Raleigh Plain or Tipped . . . Union Made. Cardboard sign features an attractive woman and a pack of Raleigh Cigarettes. Approximately 10.75" x 7.50" (Stock number 003Raleigh8) $30.00

Smoke Raleigh. Get this extra value. 1950s paper sign. 22" x 12.5".Excellent.(Stock number 003Raleigh7) $30.00

Raleigh Plain or Tipped Cigarettes. Buy The Pack with the Coupon on the Back!. 1940 paper sign. 12" x 12".Some edge nicks.(Stock number 003Raleigh4) $30.00

Raleight Plain and Tipped Cigarettes. Cost No More Than Other Brands. 1940 Measures approximately 18" x 12" Some Edge Nicks. (Stock number 003Raleigh3) $25.00

A seductive, attractive woman adorns this glossy paper poster for Raleigh Cigarettes. It probably dates from the 1930's, a period in which cigarettes were associated with glamour and sophistication. The cigarettes were available in plain or cork tip and were manufactured by union workers. By saving B & W (Brown & Williamson) coupons you could obtain all sorts of useful or fanciful items. Measures approximately 10.75" x 15.25" Wonderful condition. (Stock number 003Raleigh5) $35.00 SOLD

A very handsome paper poster for Raleigh Cigarettes features an elegant couple in evening dress. The 1930's vintage sign draws the implication that this refined man and woman smoked Raleigh's cigarettes. But the phrase "Now at Popular Prices" suggests that they can now be enjoyed by everyone. Measures approximately 12" x 18" Wonderful condition. (Stock number 003Raleigh2) $35.00 SOLD

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