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T129 - American Indian Chiefs - Tobacco Cards Set.

American Indian Chiefs. A complete set of 40 tobacco cards issued by Redman Tobacco. Approx, 3 1/2" x 4" on paper. Near mint condition. $350.00 (Stock number 009T129) Singles are available on some cards SOLD

Indians pictured include White Swan, Cayatanita, Young Whirlwind, King of the Crows, Noon Day, Red Bird, Agate Arrow Point, John Yellow Flower, Always Riding, Red Cloud, Grey Eagle, Keokuk's Son, Spotted Tail. Blackeye, Big Snake, Rushing Bear, Red Shirt, Arkikita, Big Razor, Striker, Many Horns, Iron Bull, John Grass, Big Chief, War Captain. Keokuk, Crow's Breast, True Eagle, Red Thunder, Hairy Bear, Lean Wold, Wetcunie. Chief Joseph, Mad Bear, Young Black Dog, Big Elk, Great Bear, Sitting Bull, Chief Gall, Man and Chief

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