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Vintage Cigar Ribbon Quilts and Table Covers

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries cigars were not sold in boxes but in bundles of twenty-five or fifty cigars. The ribbons were usually in shades of gold and yellow, less frequently red or white, and bore the brand name of the cigar. Industrious and thrifty women saved these ribbons and used them in handicrafts. Working with narrow strips of silk they fashioned hundreds of these ribbons into useful objects. We have been extremely fortunate to have found several interesting examples of cigar ribbon table and pillow covers. Some are enhanced by tassels or pompoms and are backed. Be sure to click to see the detail.


This is one of the most exquisite cigar ribbon pillow covers we have offered for sale. Unusual dark and light green ribbons and lemon yellow ribbons contrast boldly against the more common gold and orange ribbons. The fringe includes red and pink ribbons, equally rare. The piece includes ribbons from the following manufacturers: Ben Ali, Cuban Gentlemen, Cuban Blossoms, Optimo, Reina Victoria, Caballeros, La Rosa de Florida, Londres, Fontella, Tom Keene, Owl, and Little Minister. The unusual backing is a piece of linen intended to be embroidered. It portrays a parrot, several cigars, a pipe, matches and a saying, The saying reads "I have no girl to make me jolly, so I'll have a smoke with my friend Polly." It has been partially painted instead of embroidered. The piece measures 23" square including fringe. The body is 17.5" square. It is in fine condition with only a few wear spots and water spots. (Stock number 003cigarquilt14) $400.00


Framed cigar ribbon table cover illustrates a work in progress. Interesting red ribbons stand in stark relief to the more common ribbons in gold and yellow. Ribbons include: Harvard, Golden Wedding, Keystone, Blackstone, Electric, A.P.F., W. S. Marcy, Flying Dude, Upmann's Extra 5, Lancaster and many more. The framed piece measures approximately 32" square. (Stock number 003cigarquilt12) $200.00


Small table cover has ribbons in shades of gold and yellow with a few blue accents. There are visible water stains. The ribbons are in very nice condition with no signs of deterioration. The entire piece has been mounted on artist's board. We have not tried to remove the piece being mindful of the fragile nature of the pieces of silk. Measures approximately 20.5" square. (Stock number 003cigarquilt8) $175.00


This small table cover in shades of gold and yellow with red and green accents has clearly seen better days. Most of the ribbons on the lower left corner are missing as are some on the lower right corner. Ribbons are available if a talented seamstress wishes to restore this piece. There are numerous stains. Click to see detail Measures approximately 27" square. Edged and backed, but the backing is deteriorating in places. (Stock number 003cigarquilt7) $100.00

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