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1907 Ringling Bros. World's Greatest Shows Circus Program

The arrival of the circus was the most anticipated day in any town where there was a performance. At the turn of the 20th century no other form of entertainment could match its extravagance, scale and spectacle. Ringling Bros. billed themselves as "First in Size, First in Quality, First in Newness, First in All Things. The One Supreme Show of the Universe." The show featured a huge menagerie that included trained elephants and horses, high wire wonders, acrobats, aerial sensations, gymnasts and more. One of the most original acts was "The Flying Grigolatis Girls - The Wonderful Winged Women of the Sky." Our June 7, 1907 program comes from the New Bedford, Massachusetts performance. The oversized 10.25" x 14.25" 12 page program is prolifically illustrated with black and white drawings and a multicolor centerfold. This was the last tour of the Ringling show before the Ringling Brothers purchased The Barnum & Bailey Circus in October 1907. It is in exceptional condition for a piece almost 100 years old except for a small nibble on the upper left corner of the back of the program. (Stock number 003Ringling) $175.00

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