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S23 - College Flag, Seal, Song, Yell - Richmond Straight Cut Tobacco Silks

S23 - College Flag, Seal Song, Yell - Richmond Straight Cut Tobacco Silks. . Issued in 1910 this series of 50 Silks shows college flags with their school seal, song and yell as well as a mascot. Issued in packages of Richmond Straight Cut Cigarettes. Click on the links to 1:1 72dpi direct scans of the silks. We have endeavored to identify all defects but please view the available images of the silks before purchasing. Due to the scanning process these images make a lesser impression than the silks themselves due to shadows and bleed through of stains on the reverse. Size approx. 4" x 5.5"

City College of New York Pin marks at top corners (Stock number 003s23ccny) $45.00

Drake University Sewing Machine Holes at border (Stock number 003s23drak4) $45.00

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