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S48 - Flowers -Tobacco Silks

Flower - Tobacco Silks. . Issued in 1910 this series of 25 Silks was included in packages of Old Mill, Piedmont, Fatima and Chesterfield Cigarettes. Due to the scanning process these images make a lesser impression than the silks themselves due to shadows and bleed through out stains on the reverse. Size approx. 2" x 3 1/2". $10.00 each

009s48-1 | 009s48-2 | 009s48-3

Wild Rose SOLD| Chrysanthemum SOLD| Geranium SOLD

009s48-4 SOLD| 009s48-5 SOLD | 009s48-6 SOLD

Poinsettia | Nasturtium | Crocus

009s48-7 SOLD| 009s48-8 SOLD| 009s48-9 SOLD

Clover | Clematis | Pine Cone

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