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S57 Hamilton King Girls Tobacco Silks

We are pleased to offer a selection of the S57 series of Hamilton King Girls issued by the American Tobacco Company in packages of Nebo cigarettes. There are 12 different silks in this series. Issue date circa 1910. Approx. 4.75" x 8". Condition varies so be sure to click on the smaller image to view a larger image.

003s57-005 | 003s57-006

Michigan Beach Girl | Brighton Girl

Michigan Beach Girl (Note light pink stain at top) (Stock number 003S57-005) $15.00

Brighton Girl (Note light pink stain at top) (Stock number 003S57-006) $15.00 SOLD

003s57-003 | 003s57-008

Montauk Point Girl | Old Orchard Girl

Montauk Point Girl (Stock number 003S57-003) $25.00 SOLD

Old Orchard Girl (Note light pink stain at top) (Stock number 003S57-008) $15.00 SOLD

003s57-002 | 003s57-007

Rockaway Girl | Cape May Girl

Rockaway Girl (Stock number 003S57-002) SOLD

Cape May Girl (Note light pink stain at top) (Stock number 003S57-007) SOLD

003s57-001 | 003s57-004

Block Island Girl | Rockaway Girl

Block Island Girl (Stock number 003S57-001) SOLD

Ocean Grove Girl (Stock number 003S57-004) SOLD

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