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S77 U.S. Presidents Tobacco Silks

We are please to offer a selection of the S77 series of Presidents of the United States issued by the American Tobacco Company in packages of Mogul Cigarettes. There are believed to be 24 different silks in this series. Issue date circa 1910. Approx. 2" x 3 1/4". Each silk is $12.00 each. (Images are direct scans of the silks. The silks are less yellowed and more attractive than the scans.)

009s77-001 SOLD | 009s77-002 | 009s77-003 | 009s77-004

John Adams SOLD | Van Buren | Tyler | Polk

009s77-005 | 009s77-006 | 009s77-007 | 009s77-008

Taylor | Fillmore | Pierce | Buchanan

009s77-009 SOLD | 009s77-010 | 009s77-011

Grant SOLD | Hayes | Garfield

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