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Silent Movie - Coming Attraction Lantern Slides

These slides were used in Nickelodeons and early theaters to preview coming attractions. They fit a standard 3.25" x 4" lantern slide projector. This group is late 1920's.

003gs149 | 003gs150

Going Crooked. Fox. Starring Bessie Love, Leslie Fenton, Lydia Knott, Gustav Von Seyferritz and Oscar Shaw (Stock number 003gs149) Cardboard mount. Excelsior Illuminating Co. $25.00

The Bellamy Trial MGM. Starring Leatrice Joy, Betty Bronson(Stock number 003gs150) Cardboard mount. National Studios. $25.00 SOLD

003gs147 | 003gs148

The City. Fox. Starring May Allison, Walter McGrail, Richard Walling, Nancy Nash, Robert Frazer. (Stock number 003gs147) Cardboard mount. Excelsior Illustrating Co. $25.00

Elinor Glynn's Mad Hour. First National. Starring Alice White, Lowell Sherman, Larry Kent etc. (Stock number 003gs148) Cardboard mount. Combined Photo Industries. $25.00 SOLD

003gs145 | 003gs146

Diplomacy. Paramount. Starring Blanche Sweet, Neil Hamilton, Arlette Marchal, Matt Moore, Gustav Von Seyferritz and Earle Williams (Stock number 003gs145) Cardboard mount. Photo Repro Co. $25.00 SOLD

The Big Noise. First National. Starring Chester Conklin, Sam Hardy, Alice White, Ned Sparks, Bodil Rosing (Stock number 003gs146) Cardboard mount. Combined Photo Industries. $25.00 SOLD

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