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An Eccentric Group of Glass Lantern Slides

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, entertainment starved people shared their travels and family joys with presentations using these glass slide. Please feel free to puruse the jpeg images The images were scanned without the benefit of a transparency adaptor - so they are not really done justice.

Yacht Rebecca, J. P. Benom(?) Sailing ship in full sail (003gs029) $20.00 SOLD

Don't Rock Me. Mrs. Philip Little. Dog on a rocker. (003gs030) $10.00 SOLD

A Longing Look. D.M. Little. Child in a tub (003gs031) $10.00 SOLD

Frat Party Approach. Co-eds in a "woody" (003gs032) $10.00

Kids at the Beach. (003gs033) $10.00

Christmas Party 1939 Kids with Santa. (003gs034) $10.00

Fanny. H.C. Huntcliffe July 1893. Dog on wicker chair (003gs035) $12.00

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