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Some Advertising Lantern Slides

Not dated, these lantern slides show advertising images. The slides are all in fine condition unless noted. The images were scanned with the benefit of a transparency adapter so labels are not visible.

003gs162 | 003gs163

"The Staff of Life. Ours Meets The Test" .Thompson Slide Co. (Stock number 003gs162) $20.00

"I'm So Full I Can't Wiggle. I just had one of those BIG MEALS at Wolford's Restaurant." Needs to be Retaped. Kansas City Slide Co. (Stock number 003gs163) $25.00

003gs164 | 003gs165

"Ladies Fine Tailoring. Dresses Suits and Coats. Remodeling and Alternations. Clara L. Stehwein".. US Slide Co (Stock number 003gs164) $20.00

"General Contracting and Building. Plans and estimates Furnished. Let me figure on your work. G.A. Stehwien.". . U.S. Slide Co. (Stock number 003gs165) $20.00

003gs144 | 003gs166

"Money Gets Away Easily. The Only Safe Plan is to Carry a Check Book and Keep Your Money in the Bushton State Bank. US Slide Co (Stock number 003gs144) $20.00 SOLD

" The New Coating on Old Floors. Easy to apply. Dries Overnight. Kyanize Floor Enamel Peerless Slide Co. (Stock number 003gs166) $25.00

003gs160 SOLD | 003gs161

"A Mansion In The Skies May be your hope for the future. A cottage on earth should be your realization for the present.... Build a home of your own." US Slide Co. Kansas City. (Stock number 003gs160) $20.00 SOLD

"Star Brand Shoes for Men A Certificate of Quality packed with every pair." Advertising Slide Co. St. Louis. (Stock number 003gs161) $20.00

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