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Some More Advertising Lantern Slides

Not dated, these lantern slides show advertising images. These slides were used in movie theatres during intermissions. They are stock slides which have been customized for local merchants. The slides are all in fine condition unless noted. Items 003gs075 through 003gs080 were scanned without the benefit of a transparency adapter - so they are not really done justice. Items from 003gs080 were scanned utilizing a transparency adapter so that printed labels on the slides are not visible.

003gs081 | 003gs082

"Putting of Life Insurance is like waiting for a rising river to run dry. The longer you wait the smaller the opportunity. Insure Now with Bruegger & Volkland" Kansas City Slide Co.. (Stock number 003gs081) $20.00

"There's a mighty lot of Satisfaction in Trading at Eberts" Oliver Hardy look-alike. US Slide Co. Kansas City. (Stock number 003gs082) $25.00

003gs083 | 003gs084

"That's The Bread I Like, I know it was made from Bushton's Best Flower " US Slide Co. Kansas City. . (Stock number 003gs083) $20.00

"Welcome Don't Forget the Homemade Ice Cream at Finnian's Cafe". US Slide Co. Kansas City. (Stock number 003gs084) $15.00 SOLD

003gs085 | 003gs086

"General Contractor, Carpenter and Builder. Talk to Me about Building. G.A. Stehwein " US Slide Co. Kansas City. . (Stock number 003gs085) $20.00

"You'll Get Fat Too If You Come Here for Your Meals and Lunches". US Slide Co. Kansas City. (Stock number 003gs086) $20.00 SOLD

003gs077 | 003gs078

"Raise Your Calves at Less Cost. Feed them the original milk substitute... Blatchford's Calf Meal ... For Sale by Robert A. Stehwein. " Prewin Lantern Slide Co.. (Stock number 003gs077) $20.00 SOLD

"P.O. Book and Stationery Store. F.M. Bowman. Prop. will take your order for subscriptions for all magazines and newspapers. ... Don't forget to add The Youth's Companion.." Standard Slide Corp. NY. (Stock number 003gs078) $20.00

003gs079 | 003gs080

"Dead or Alive. You Owe Your Wife A Living. One of Our Policies will insure her getting it. Let's talk it over. Bruegger & Volkland". Kansas City Slide Co (Stock number 003gs079) $20.00 SOLD

"Cut Glass makes a very appropriate gift. for all seasons... Bushton Merc. Co. Kansas City Slide Co. (Stock number 003gs080) $20.00 SOLD

003gs075 | 003gs076

" A Real Service. Free Air at Our Filling Station day or night. Bushton Oil Co, You business appreciated. US Slide Co. Kansas City, MO (Stock number 003gs075) $20.00 SOLD

" First Class Work. Shoes Repaired "While You Wait" . O.R. Brandstein's. US Slide Co. Kansas City, MO (Stock number 003gs076) $20.00 SOLD

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