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Sailing Ships - Lantern Slides

Not dated. The slides were scanned utilizing a transparency adaptor so that printed labels on the slides are not visible.

003gs123 | 003gs169

St. Petersburg, Russia. Panorama. Williams Brown and Earle, Philadelphia (Stock number 003gs123) $22.00

20027 - Shipping Lumber, Washington, USA (Stock number 003gs169) $22.00 SOLD

003gs167 | 003gs168

Sailboat - Untitled(Stock number 003gs167) $22.00 SOLD

Two masted ship - Untitled. Color slide (Stock number 003gs168) $22.00 SOLD

003gs121 | 003gs122

Egypt. Bahabujeh. William H. Rau, Photographer, Philadelphia (Stock number 003gs121) $22.00 SOLD

Mexico. Harbor of Vera Cruz. William H. Rau, Photographer, Philadelphia (Stock number 003gs122) $22.00 SOLD

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