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A Small Selection of Keystone Lantern Slides

The slides were scanned utilizing a transparency adaptor so that printed labels on the slides are not visible.

003gs151 | 003gs155

484 (6644) The Bell Market, Mizhno Novgorod. Russia (Stock number 003gs151) $15.00

409 (13496) Carding and Spinning Wool, Norway (Stock number 003gs155) $15.00

003gs153 | 003gs154

431 (11766) Women Washing Clothes, Nice France (Stock number 003gs153) $15.00

424 (1603) The Grand Opera. Paris France (Stock number 003gs154) $13.00

003gs152 | 003gs170

13584 "Old Faithful" Queen of the Geysers, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo USA. (Stock number 003gs170) $16.00 SOLD

485 (200462) Hat and Clothes Market In The Jewish Quarter, Warsaw, Poland(Stock number 003gs152) $25.00 SOLD

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