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Insurance Advertising Lantern Slides

Not dated, these lantern slides show advertising images. The slides are all in fine condition unless noted. The images were scanned with the benefit of a transparency adaptor so labels are not visible.

003gs1I | 003gs2I

"A Joke is a Joke. But leaving a woman and her children DESTITUTE without Life Insurance is POOR WIY and LEAN WISDOM" Kansas City Slide Co. Needs to be rebound . (Stock number 003gs1I) $20.00

"Over All The World There Is Nothing to Ptotect You From Loss By Fire Except Insurance." U.S. Slide Co. Needs to be rebound (Stock number 003gs2I) $20.00

003gs3I | 003gs4I

"A Windstorm May Strike any where, any time. Insure in the Hartford Fire Insurance Co,." .Manhattan. Slide Co. (Stock number 003gs3I) $20.00

"Insure Before The Flood or Storn has swept your home away". Thompson Silde Co. (Stock number 003gs4I) $20.00

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