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An Aggregation of Theatrical Trade Cards

In the late 19th century Snelbaker and Benton presented a 50 member troupe as "The Strongest Specialty Company on Earth!". It billed itself as "Positively the Only Company in the World Presenting Two and Three Distinct and Separate Acts on the Stage at One Time". Snelbaker's Majestic Consolidation was "An Entertainment fully up to the times. Patronized by the very best of Society. Perfectly free from objectionable features. Particularly adapted to please all classes." Each card measures 3 1/4" wide x 4 7/8 high. They are in fine condition with some glue adhesion on the back unless noted. $25.00 each

005ttc01 | 005ttc02 | 005ttc03 | 005ttc04

005ttc05 (Condtion VG) | 005ttc06 | 005ttc07 | 005ttc08

005ttc09 | 005ttc10 | 005ttc11 | 005ttc12


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