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Souvenir Programs from Plays, Films, Concerts, Rodeo and Ice Follies

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Abie's Irish Rose Abe Gore, Berta Walden, James O'Neill, Robert Leonard, Vincent Gardner, Louise Snyder, Donald Brian, Herbert Duffy. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mr) $25.00

The Act 1977 32 page program. Liza Minnelli, Barry Nelson, Arnold Soboloff, Gayle Crofoot, Christopher Barrett, Mark Goddard. VG Cover stained. (Stock number 005sp1108rk) $25.00

Affairs of State 1965. Betsy Palmer, Walter Abel, James Noble, Brook Byron, Milo Boulton, Jon Richards. Paper Mill Playhouse, NJ.VG (Stock number 005sp1108mb) $25.00

Shakespeare's The Ages of Man - A Solo Performance by Sir John Gielgud. 1958 16 page program. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pp) $30.00

The Agony and the Ecstasy. 1965. 40 page full color program book of The Agony and the Ecstasy starring Charlton Heston, Rex Harrison, Diane Cilento, Harry Andrews, Alberto Lupo, Adolfo Celi, Venantino Venantini, Fausto Tozzi, Tomas Milian, John Stacy and Maxine Audley. Fine. (Stock number 005sp0221c) $25.00

Airport '80 - The Concorde 1980 (In English and Japanese) George Kennedy, Sylvia Kristel, Eddie Albert, Bibi Andersson, Alain Delon, Susan Blakely, Robert Wagner. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117b) $25.00

Amphitryon 38 1937 Jean Giraudoux's Comedy with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mp) $30.00

Annie c.1978 16 page program from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts starring Shelley Bruce, Reid Shelton, Sandy Faison, Robert Fitch, Dorothy Loudon. Jennie Babo, Raymond Thorne, Laurie Beechman, Barbara Erwin, Randall Anne Brooks, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ann Ungar. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108ma) $25.00

Annie (Movie)1982 56 page movie program. Starring Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Ann Reinking, Tim Curry, Geoffrey Holder, Edward Hermann. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117a) $25.00

Annie Get Your Gun 1966 16 page program from the Music Theater of Lincoln Center's revival starring Ethel Merman, Bruce Yarnell, Harry Bellaver, Benay Venuta and Jerry Orbach. VG Small hole in corner of back cover. Front cover lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0115a) $25.00

Applause 1972 20 page program. Lauren Bacall, Don Chastain, Beverly Dixon, Lee Roy Reams, Norwood Smith, Ted Pritchard, Leland Palmer, Burt Bier, George McDaniel, Ray Thorne and Virginia Sandifur. VG (Stock number 005sp0115b) $25.00

Apple of His Eye 1946 16 page program. Walter Huston, Mary James, Doro Merande, Dam Doherty, Roy Fant, Ellen Andrews, Carol Daniels, Joseph Sweeney, Clare Woodbury, Ross Elliott. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pv) $25.00

Argentinita 1940 16 page program featuring Argentinita and her Spanish Ensemble. Also stars Pilar Lopez, Antonio Triana, Carlos Montoya and Rogerio Machado. VG-Fine. (Stock number 005sp0408ma) $25.00

Louis Armstrong and His Concert Group. 16 page program circa 1953. Some cover fading otherwise Fine. (Stock number 005sp010) $25.00

Michael Todd's Around The World in 80 Days 43 page hardcover souvenir book. Charles Boyer, Joe E. Brown, Carol Martine. John Carradine, Charles Coburn, Ronald Colman, Melville Cooper, Noel Coward, Finlay Currie, Reginald Denny, Andy Devine, Marlene Dietrich, Luis Miguel Dominguin, Fernandel, Sir John Gielgud, Hermione Gingold, Jose Greco, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Tevor Howard, Glynis Johns, Buster Keaton, Evelyn Keyes, Beatrice Lillie, Peter Lorre, Edmund Lowe, A.E. Mattews, Mike Mazurki, Tim McCoy, Victor McLaglen, Jon Mills, Robert Morley, Alan Mowbray, Edward R. Morrow, Jack Oakie, George Raft, Gilbert Roland, Cesar Romero, Frank Sinatra, Red Skelton, Ronald Squire, Basil Sidney, Harcourt Williams. Excellent. (Stock Number 005sp1108b) $25.00

Col. W. de Basil's Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo presented by Sol Hurok (1935). Souvenir program includes numerous color drawings of scenery and costumes. The cover is a reproduction of the original design by Nathalie Gontcharova. Illustrations of costumes and sets by Leon Bakst, Andre Derain, Jean Hugo and others. 9.75" x 12" Some water damage and some pages stuck together. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp0601a) $75.00

Battle of Britain 1969. Harry Andrews, Michael Caine, Trevor Howard, Curt Jurgens, Ian McShane, Kenneth More, Laurence Olivier, Nigel Patrick, Christopher Plummer, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Robert Shaw, Patrick Wymark, Ssannah York. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108d) $25.00

Beatlemania 1961 16 pages. Sy Goraies, Tony Kishman, Jimmy Poe, Robert Wirth, Joe Pecorino, Mitch Weissman, Leslie Fradkin, Justin McNiell, Joe Curatolo, Ralph Castelli, Robert Laufer, David Leon. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117c) $25.00

Becket Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, John Geilgud, Donald Wolfit, Martita Hunt, Pamela Brown. Some surface soil otherwise Fine. (Stock number 005sp1108e) $35.00

Becket. 1964. 28 page full color program book of Becket starring Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole and John Gielgud. Fine. (Stock number 005sp0221b) $25.00

The Bible. 1967. 44 page color program book of The Dino de Laurentiis Production of The Bible starring Michael Parks, Ulla Bergryd, Richard Harris, John Huston, Stephen Boyd, George C. Scott, Ava Gardner, Peter O'Toole. Fine. (Stock number 005sp0221i) $25.00

The Dino De Laurentiis Production. The Bible Michael Parks, Ulla Bergryd, Richard Harris, John Huston, Stephen Boyd, George C. Scott, Ava Gardner, Peter O'Toole, Franco Nero. Some cover soil otherwise Fine (Stock number 005sp1108f) $25.00

The Big Fisherman 1959 Hardcover souvenir book. Howard Keel, Susan Kohner, John Saxon, Martha Hyer, Herbert Lom. Some small edge dings. Fine. (Stock number 005sp1108g) $25.00

Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer 12 page program from the road company. Stars Jan Sterling, Curt Dawson, Herbert Foster, Jean Cameron, Claude Horton, Irene Bunde, James Beard. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mb) $25.00

Ken Murray's Blackouts of 1949 16 page program. Marie Wilson, Bob Hopkins, D'Vaughn Pershing, Les Zoris, Elizabeth Walters, Nick Lucas, Hightower & Ross, Crystal White, Danny Alexander, Mabel Butterworth, Burtons Birds, Owens McGiveney, Harris & Shore, Jack Mulhall, Dottie Remy, Alphonse Berge, Shelton Brooks, Irene Kaye, Danny Duncan, Milton Charleston. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108rm) $25.00

Blithe Spirit 16 page program from the Hyatt Music Theatre, Burlingame, California.. Arlene Dahl, Ann B. Davis, Grant Sullivan, Marrian Walters, William Browder, Peggy Doyle. VG (Stock number 005sp1108rg) $25.00

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1979 16 pages. Gil Gerard, Pamela Hensley, Erin Gray, Tim O'Connor, Henry Silva. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117d) $25.00

The Buddy Holly Story 1978 16 page program with record! With Gary Busey, Charles Martin Smith, Don Stroud, Conrad Janis, William Jordan, Dick O'Neill, Maria Richwine, Amy Johnston, Arch Johnson, Fred Travalena. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117e) $30.00

Bully - An Adventure with Teddy Roosevelt. 1977 James Whitmore. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mk) $25.00

Bye Bye Birdie 1960 Elaine Dunn, Bill Hayes, Joan Blondell, Jesse Pearson, Bob van Hooton, Karin Wolfe, Eddie Applegate, Mimi Kelly, Ramona Bittles, Wally Young, Gloria Bleezarde. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mj) $25.00

Cabaret 1978 24 page movie program. With Liza Minelli, Joel Grey, Michael York, Helmut Griem, Fritz Wepper, Marisa Berenson. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1117f) $30.00

Camelot 1962 Broadway Production. Kathryn Grayson, Louis Hayward, Arthur Treacher, Robert Peterson, Christopher Cary, Byron Webster, Jan Moody. Cover lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408mb) $25.00

Camelot 1967. Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero, David Hemmings, Lionel Jeffries, Laurence Naismith, Pierre Olaf. Excellent (Stock number 005sp1108k) $25.00

Can-Can 1953 Original cast of the Broadway production. Lilo, Peter Cookson, Hans Conried, Gwen Verdon, Erik Rhodes. Cover lightly soiled. VG (Stock number 005sp0408mc) $25.00

Can-Can 1953 Original cast of the Broadway production. Lilo, Peter Cookson, Hans Conried, Gwen Verdon, Erik Rhodes. Cover lightly soiled, number 10 in black ink. VG (Stock number 005sp0408md) $20.00

Carousel. Theatre Guild Production of a New Musical Play. John Raitt, Iva Withers. 1946 16 page souvenir program. 1" separation at lower edge of spine. (Stock number 005sp0506d) $35.00

Carousel. Theatre Guild Production of a New Musical Play. 1946 16 page souvenir program. Henry Michel, Iva Withers, Eric Mattson, Jane McGowan, Mario de Laval, Louise Larabee, Gloria Elwood, Betta Striegler, Kenneth MacKenzie. (Stock number 005sp0506e) $35.00

Casino Municipal Cannes 1955-56Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas. In French. Interesting ads. (Stock number 005sp1108pk) $30.00

Cats 1982 Broadway production. B. Andrews, A. Bodle, N. Brennan, B. Buckley, R. Clemente, M. Danielle, E. Devine, C. Fitzpatrick, D. Fratantoni, S. Gelfer, G. Gonzalez, H. Groener, S. Hack, S. Hanan, D. Henry, R. Hoshour, R. Jones, W. Kershaw, C. Kimball, D. King, C. Langner, S. Leake, T. Mann, A. McNeely, H. Mercado, C. Onrubia, K. Page, S. Powers, B. Rambo, J. Robertson, T. Scott, H. Sebek, B. Simmons, C. Tessier, S. Wise. VG (Stock number 005sp0408me) $25.00

O Katharina! - Sheet Music from Balieff's Chauve-Souris - The Bat Theatre of Moscow. 6 pages. Wonderful color cover by A Hudiakoff. c. 1924. Pages detached but complete. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp081) $15.00

The Spectacular Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan, Republic of China. Nov. 23, 1976 - Dec. 5, 1976. 14 page program in black and white and color. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mc) $25.00

The Chocolate Soldier 1943 Charles Purcell, Florence George, Ruth Gillette, Bonnie Emerie, Lionel Braham, Douglas Leavitt, Earl Covert, Gene Ramey, Nita Carol. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mh) $30.00

A Chorus Line 1978 20 page program with fold-out centerfold. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp0115c) $25.00

A Chorus Line 1978 VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mg) $25.00

This is Cinerama. The Original Cinerama Presentation. 20 page program with b/w illustrations. 1952 VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp0605a) $25.00

Cinerama Holiday. The Second Cinerama Presentation. 20 page program with b/w illustrations. 1955 VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp827c) $25.00

Cinerama South Seas Adventure. 20 page program with b/w photos and illustrations. 1958 VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp050) $25.00

Lowell Thomas' Seven Wonders of The World. Cinerama. 20 page program with b/w illustrations. Fine (Stock number 005sp827d) $25.00

Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 20 page movie program. With Richard Dreyfuss, Francois Truffaut, Teri Garr, Melinda Dillom, Cary Guffey, Bob Balaban. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1117g) $30.00

The Cocktail Party by T. S. Eliot. Dennis King, Estelle Winwood, Neva Patterson, Reginald Denny, Harry Ellerbe, Viola Keats. La Jolla Playhouse Production. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mf) $25.00

The Constant Wife 1951 Original cast of the Broadway production. Katherine Cornell, Brian Aherne, Grace George, John Emery, Gertrude Musgrove, Eva Leonard-Boyne, Claude Horton, Nan Martin, Liam Sullivan. Cover corner folds, light creasing. VG (Stock number 005sp0408mf) $25.00

Country Sunday 1980 20 page concert program. June 1, 1980 at Giants Stadium. With Lacy J. Dalton and the Dalton Gang, Don Williams, The Oak Ridge Boys and the Oak Ridge Band, Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers Band, Tammy Wynette, Eddie Rabbit, Asleep at the Wheel, Johnny Cash featuring June Carter and the Great Eighties/8, Waylon Jennings and The Waylors with the Crickets. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117h) $25.00

Cromwell 40 pages. Richard Harris, Alec Guinness Robert Morley, Dorothy Tutin, Frank Finlay, Patrick Wymark, Matrick Magee, Tim Dalton, Nigel Stock, Charles Gray, Michael Jayston, Douglas Wilmer, Patrick Holt, Ian McCulloch, John Paul, Jack Gwillim, John Welsh, Llewellyn Rees, Anna Cropper, Robin Stewartm George Merritt, Gerald Rowland, Josephine Gillick, Richard Cornish, Anthony Kemp, Stacy Dorning, Anthony May, Melinda Churcher. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108n) $25.00

Crossed Swords 1978 16 page movie program. With Oliver Reed, Raquek Welch, Mark Lester, Ernest Borgnine, George C. Scott, Rex Harrison, David Hemmings, Charlton Heston, Harry Andrews, Murray Melvin, Sybil Danning, Felicity Dean, Lalla Ward. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117J) $25.00

The Crucifer of Blood - A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery. Sept. 1978 - Apr. 1979. 16 page program. Original cast starring Paxton Whitehead, Glenn Close, Christopher Curry, Timothy Landfield, Tuck Milligan, Dwight Schultz Nicolas Surovy, Edward Zang, Andrew Davis, Melvin Lum, Martin LaPlatney, Roumel Reaux. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108md) $25.00

Dancers of Bali 1952 Mario and I Gusto Ngurah Raka and Tabanan Palace Gamelan. Cover corner folds. VG (Stock number 005sp0408mg) $25.00

Dark of the Moon 1945 Carol Stone, James Lanphier, A Winfield Hoeny, John Gifford, Marguerite de Anguerra, Peggy Ann Holmes, Agnes Scott Yost, Frances Goforth, Frances Brandt, Kathryn Cameron, Leona Stephens, Millicent Coleman. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1210a) $25.00

Death of a Salesman - 16 page program. Road company starring Thomas Mitchell, June Walker, Paul Langton, Paul Ford, Royal Beal, Darren McGavin. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108me) $25.00

The Desk Set 1955 Shirley Booth, Frank Milam, Byron Sanders, Lee Patrick. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1108bd) $25.00

David Lean's film of Doctor Zhivago. 1965. 32 page full color program book with single page insert with complete cast. Starring Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin, Tom Courtney, Alec Guiness, Siobhan McKenna, Ralph Richardson, Rod Steiger, Rita Tushingham. Slight corner fold. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp0221a) $25.00

David Lean's film of Doctor Zhivago. 1965. 32 page full color program book with single page insert with complete cast. Starring Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin, Tom Courtney, Alec Guiness, Siobhan McKenna, Ralph Richardson, Rod Steiger, Rita Tushingham. Slight corner fold. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108p) $25.00

Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope - 16 page program of road company starring Bardell Connor, Clinton Derricks, Michel De Silva, Sheila Ellis, Elaine Holloman, Sally Johnson, Bobby London, Robert Melvin, Nat Morris, Steiv Semien, Jacqueline Smith-Lee, Charlaine Woodard. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mf) $25.00

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company 1965 16 page program. The Mikado, Riddigore, The Pirates of Penzance, Iolanthe, HMS Pinafore, Trial by Jury. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp0115e) $25.00

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company Gilbert & Sullivan North American Tour 1976 16 page concert program. The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore. John Reed, Kenneth Sandford, John Ayldon, Michael Rayner, Meston Reid, Geoffrey Shovelton, Julia Goss, Lyndsie Holland. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117K) $25.00

Dracula - 16 page program of original cast Oct. 20, 1977 - Jan. 6, 1980. Starring Frank Langella, Alan Coates. Jerome Dempsey, Dillon Evans, Baxter Harris, Richard Kavanaugh, Gretchen Oehler, Ann Sachs. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mg) $25.00

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982 Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Dee Wallace, Peter Coyote, Robert MacNaughton. Very Good (Stock number 005sp0303mu) $25.00

Earl Carroll's Hollywood 1943 5th Year Musical review. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1229A) $25.00

Escudero 1952 Mario and I Gusto Ngurah Raka and Tabanan Palace Gamelan. Cover corner folds. VG (Stock number 005sp0408mh) $25.00

Otto Preminger Films Exodus A Report by Tom Ryan. 1960. Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, Peter Lawford, Lee J. Cobb, Sal Mineo,John Derek, Hugh Griffith, Gregory Ratoff, Felix Aylmer, David Opatoshu, Jill Haworth, Marius Goring, Alexandra Stewart, Michael Wager, Martin Benson, Paul Stevens, Betty Walker, Martin Miller, Victor Maddern, George Maharis, John Crawford, Samuel Segal, Dahn Ben Amotz, Ralph Truman, Peter Madden, Joseph Furst, Paul Stassino, Marc Burns, Esther Reichstadt, Zeprah Peled, Philo Hauser. Paper toned, spine peeling. (Stock number 005sp1108q) $25.00

Fame 1980 16 page movie program. With Irene Cara, Lee Curreri, Laura Dean, Antonia Franceschi, Paul McCrane, Barry Miller, Gene Anthony Ray, Maureen Teefy, Anne Meara. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117L) $30.00

Fanny Ezio Pinza, Walter Slezak, Florence Henderson, William Tabbert. Very Good-Fine. (Stock number 005sp1108be) $25.00

Fiddler on the Roof 1976 Zero Mostel, Thelma Lee, Paul Lipson, Ruth Jaroslow, Christopher Callan, Paul Corman, George Emch, Rick Friesen, Elizabeth Hale, Jeff Keller, David Masters, Charles Mayer, Irwin Pearl, Marc Scott, Leon Spelman, Nancy Tompkins. 20 page Broadway Program. Very good-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108bg) $35.00

Fiddler on the Roof 1976 Zero Mostel, Thelma Lee, Paul Lipson, Ruth Jaroslow, Christopher Callan, Paul Corman, George Emch, Rick Friesen, Elizabeth Hale, Jeff Keller, David Masters, Charles Mayer, Irwin Pearl, Marc Scott, Leon Spelman, Nancy Tompkins. 20 page Broadway Program. Very good. "15 cents" in marker on cover. (Stock number 005sp1108bh) $25.00

Fiddler on the Roof Herschel Bernardi. 16 page Broadway Program with tippped in Tammy Grimes Page. Fine (Stock number 005sp0701f) $25.00

Finian's Rainbow. Fred Astaire, Petlula Clark, Don Francks, Keenan Wynn, Al Freeman Jr, Barbara Hancock, Ronald Colby, Dolph Sweet, Wright King, Louis Silas, Tommy Steele. 48pgs film program. 1968. Fine condition. (Stock number 005sp0506c) $25.00

Fiorello! Bob Carroll, Rudy Bond, Charlotte Fairchild, Paul Lipson, Jayme Mylroie, Jen Nelson, Alan North, Rosemary O'Reilly, Arthur Bartow. VG (Stock number 005sp1108md) $25.00

The First Legion 1935 Road Company. Bert Lytell, Wm. Ingersoll, Caroll Ashhum, Leonard Lord, Thomas Findlay, Charles Coburn, Howard Miller, Sydney Riggs, Whitford Kane, Harry Worth, Dick Wallace. Fine (Stock number 005sp0408mj) $30.00

Follies 1971 Original Broadway cast. Alexis Smith, Gene Nelson, Dorothy Collins, John McMartin, Yvonne De Carlo. Corner fold on cover, lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408mk) $25.00

Follies 1971 Original Broadway cast. Alexis Smith, Gene Nelson, Dorothy Collins, John McMartin, Yvonne De Carlo. Corner fold on cover, lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408mm) $25.00

Follow the Girls 1944 Original Broadway cast. Gertrude Niesen, Frank Parker, Irina Baronova, Jackie Gleason, Buster Westm Tim Herbert, Val Valentinoff, Dorothy Keller, Toni Gilman, Lee Davis, Jayne & Adam Di Gatano. Covers detached, cover fold. (Stock number 005sp0408mn) $25.00

Funny Girl (Movie)1968 48 pages. Barbara Streisand, Omar Sharif, Kay Medford, Anne Francis, Walter Pidgeon, Lee Allen, Mae Questral, Gerald Mohr, Frank Faylen, Mittie Lawrence, Gertrude Flynn, Penny Stanton, John Harmon. Excellent (005sp1108s) $35.00

Funny Lady 1975 32 page movie program. With Barbara Streisand, Omar Sharif, James Caan, Roddy McDowall, Ben Vereen, Carole Wells, Larry Gates, Heidi O'Rourke. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117M) $25.00

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1949. 16 page black and white program. The stage show starred Carol Channing, Yvonne Adair, Jack McCauley, Eric Brotherson, Alice Pearce, Rex Evans, and Anita Alvarez. "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" became Carol Channing's signature song. Cover by Hirschfield. Cover lightly soiled. VG (Stock number 005sp0420a) $30.00

"Golda" 1977 A Theatre Guild production of the life of Golda Meir during the Yom Kippur War. It stars Anne Bancroft, Vivian Nathan, Gerald Hiken, Ben Hammer, Frances Chaney, James Tolkan, Sam Gray, Ernest Graves, Zack Matalon and Sam Schacht. Written by William Gibson and directed by Arthur Penn. 20 pages. Lower right corner fold. VG-Fine. (Stock number 005sp057) $25.00

Gone With The Wind 1939. Clark Gable, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland, Vivien Leigh. This version has Color pictures of supporting characters on the back cover. Some staining on the front cover. (Stock number 005sp1108t) $50.00

"Good Night Ladies" 1942 12 page program. Production appeared in Chicago and Los Angeles. John Hubbard, Wynne Gibson, Russ Brown, Mary Ellen Popel, Gloria Humphreys, Claire Carleton, Kay Linaker, Claire Meade, Fred Sherman, Barbara Barnes. VG (Stock number 005sp1108po) $25.00

Grand Old Opry - Souvenir Picture Album. WSM & WSM-TV. 12 page book. On the cover: Roy Acuff, Kitty Wells, Johnnie Wright and Jack Anglin (Johnnie & Jack.) c1940's. VG-Fine. (Stock number 005sp0515a) $25.00

Grand Ole Opry WSM Picture History Book. 156 page book presenting the history of the Opry. Performers are listed alphabetically and include over 50 Opry favorites. 1979. VG-Fine. (Stock number 005sp037) $25.00

The Great Waltz 1934 Original Broadway cast. Guy Robertson, Marie Burke, Gladys Clark, Ralph Sanford, Lee Whitney, Virginia Watkins, Patti Heaton, Ernest Taylor, Harry Corfuss, Michael Forbes, Charles Romano. Cover lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408mp) $25.00

The Guardsman 16 page program. Jeanette MacDonald, Gene Raymond, Herbert Berghof, Josephine Brown. Fine. (Stock number 005sp1210c) $25.00

Guys and Dolls 1959 Broadway production. Iva Withers, Julie Oshins, Norwood Smith, Pat Rooney, Susan Hight, Dell Markee, Al Nesor, Tom Ahearne, Netta Packer. Fine. (Stock number 005sp0408mQ) $25.00

Hair 1968 Broadway revival. Shelly Plimpton, Richard Kim Milford, Suzannah Norstrand, Natalie Mosco, Donnie Burks, Heather MacRae, Melba Moore, Barry McGuire, Ronald James Dyson, Martha Velez, Joseph Campbell Butler, Emmeretta Marks, Lorri Davis, Jonathan Kramer, Sally Eaton, Robert Rubinsky, Walter Harris, Paul Jabara, Marjorie LiPari, Leata Galloway, Fred Reinglas, Steve Gamet. Fine. (Stock number 005sp0408mr) $25.00

Hair 1969 24 pages. New York Company: Shelley Plimpton, Melba Moore, Steve Curry, Gerome Ragni, Lynn Kellog, Lorri Davis. VG-Fine. (005sp0115g) $25.00

Hair Michael Butler's Production. Slight cover crease. Very Good-Fine. (Stock number 005sp1229C) $25.00

Hamlet with Nicol Williamson. 1969. 16 page program book of Tony Richardson's production of Hamlet. VG-Fine. (Stock number 005sp1108rb) $25.00

Hello Dolly 1970 Ethel Merman. 16 page Broadway Program. Some dogears. (Stock number 005sp0406e) $25.00

Hello Dolly 1967 16 pg program with Black and White illustrations. Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway. Fine (Stock number 005sp825f) $25.00

Hello Dolly 1967 16 pg program with Black and White illustrations. Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway, Mary Louise, Chris Calloway, Winston DeWill Helmsley, Marian Ramsey, Nate Barnett, Howard Porter, Brenda Waters, Chapman Roberts. Very Good. Spine splitting. (Stock number 005sp1108bj) $25.00

Hello Dolly. 1967 16 pg program with Black and White illustrations. Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway, Emily Yancy, Chris Calloway, Winston DeWill Helmsley, Mabel King, Roger Lawson, Jack Crowder. Very Good. Spine splitting. (Stock number 005sp1108bk) $25.00

Hello Dolly (Movie) 1969 48 color pages. Barbra Streisand, Walter Matthau, Michael Crawford, Louis Armstrong, Marianne McAndrew, E. J. Peaker, Danny Lockin, Joyce Ames, Tommy Tune, Judy Knaiz, David Hurst, Fritz Feld, Richard Collier, J. Pat O'Malley. VG Cover lightly soiled. (005sp0115h) $25.00

Hello, Dolly! 12 page program of production at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. Starring Molly Picon, Art Kassul, David Christmas, Beth Fowler, Mark Baker, Marilyn Wassell, Harriet Leider, Randy Ellen Levin, Jimmy Dodge. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mh) $25.00

Laurence Olivier's Presentation of Henry V Laurence Olivier, Robert Newton, Renee Asherson, Leslie Banks, Esmond Knight. Very Good - Fine (Stock number 005sp1108t) $25.00

Hollywood Christmas Parade 1981 Celebrity Program 1981 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Angie Dickinson, Gene Autry, Frankie Avalon, Barbi Benton, Jack Carter, Buddy Ebsen, Rhonda Fleming, Gil Gerard, Earl Holliman, Bob Hopkins, Ricky Schroder, Vic Tayback, Herve Willechaize. Very Good (Stock number 005sp0303mw) $25.00

I Do! I Do! 1966 16 page program. Mary Martin and Robert Preston. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108px) $25.00

I Have A Dream 1976 16 page program. Moses Gunn, Judyann Elder, Ramona Brooks, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Sheila Ellis. Millie Foster, Andrea Vereen. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1117y) $30.00

"Ice Dancing" 16 page program. Dec. 19, 1978 - Dec. 31, 1978. Starring John Curry, JoJo Starbuck, Ron Alexander, Yvonne Brink, David Barker, Lorna Brown, Jack Courtney, Patricia Dodd, Cathy Foulkes, Brian Grant, Muki Held, Deborah Page, Paul Toomey. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mj) $25.00

Ice Station Zebra Cinerama. 1968. Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Jim Brown, Tony Bill, Lloyd Nolan, Alf Kjellin, Martin Ransohoff, John Sturges. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108u) $25.00

I Have A Dream 1976 16 page program. Moses Gunn, Judyann Elder, Ramona Brooks, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Sheila Ellis. Millie Foster, Andrea Vereen. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1117y) $30.00

In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer 1969 36 page program. Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center. Joseph Wiseman, Harry Townes, Eduard Franz, Whitfield Connor, Philip Bosco, Robert Phalen, Ralph Bell, Cec Linder, Tony van Bridge, Charles Cioffi, Stephen Elliott, Herbert Berghoff, Stefan Schnabel. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1117z) $25.00

Irene 1974 Jane Powell, Patsy Kelly. 16 page Broadway Program autographed by Patsy Kelly. Center page detached. (Stock number 005sp0701m) $35.00

JVC Jazz Festival '85 1985 20 page program. Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour, Dave Valentin, Diane Schuur, Ivan Lins, Stanley Clarke, Spyro Gyra, Stanley Jordan, Mahavishnu. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1117aa) $25.00

The King and I 1985 16 page program. Yul Brynner, Kate Hunter Brown, Hye-Young Choi, Sal Provenza, Patricia Anne Welch, Ernest Graves, Morton Banks, Kevan Weber, Anthony Rapp, Marie Takazawa, Jae Woo Lee, Rebecca West, Patricia Weber, Yvette Laura Martin. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108ra) $25.00

The King and I 1956 Broadway revival. Patricia Morison, Leonard Graves, Norma Larkin, Christine Mathews, Patrick Adiarte, Alfred Cibelli, Jr., Jerry Madison, Jeff Hall, Fairfax Burgher, Bettina Dearborn, Jean Bledsoe. Cover partially split, cover fold. (Stock number 005sp0408ms) $25.00

King of Kings Portfolio. Package containing a brochure on the filming of King of Kings as well as four Biblical color plates. Jeffrey Hunter, Siobhan McKenna, Hurd Hatfield, Ron Randell, Viveca Lindfors, Rita Gam, Carmen Sevilla, Brigid Bazlen, Harry Guardino, Rip Torn, Frank Thring, Guy Rolfe, Maurice Marsac, Gregoire Aslan, Royal Dano, Edric Connon, George Coulouris, Conrado San martin, Gerard Tichy, Jose Antonio, Luis Prendes, David Davies, Jose Nieto, Ruben Rojo, Fernando Sancho, Michael Wager, Feliz de Pomes, Adriano Rimoldi, Barry Keegan, Rafael Luis Calvo, Tino Barrero, Francisco Moran, Robert Ryan. (Stock number 005sp1108v) $25.00

King Richard II with Maurice Evans 16 page program circa 1937. Includes Program from the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland. Some cover rubbing otherwise VG-Fine. (Stock number 005sp052) $25.00

Kiss Me Kate 1952 Anne Jeffreys, Keith Andes, Betty Ann Grove, Danny Daniels, Harry Clark, Jack Diamond. Cover lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408mt) $25.00

Kiss Me Kate 1952 Broadway revival. Anne Jeffreys, Marc Platt, Betty George, Robert Wright. Cover marked with number 10 in marker. (Stock number 005sp0408mu) $20.00

Kiss the Boys Goodbye Lucia Lull; written by Claire Boothe, Directed by Antoinette Perry. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1210b) $25.00

Lady Windermere's Fan Cornelia Otis Skinner in the title role was joined by David Manners, Bramwell Fletcher, Estelle Winwood, Judith Fellows and Rex Evans. The play by Oscar Wilde was celebrating the 55th year of performance. This production was staged at the Colonial Theatre in Boston in 1947. (Separate one page program included.) 16 pages. (Stock number 005sp041) $35.00

The Lark 1956 16 page program. Julie Harris, Sam Jaffe, Leo Ciceri, George Macready, Bruce Gordon, James O'Rear, Edward Binns. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108rd) $25.00

Laura The Play. Miriam Hopkins, Otto Kruger, Tom Neal, Walter Coy, Isabelle Bonner, Tom Walsh, Camila Ashland. Very Good (Stock number 005sp1108pa) $20.00

Lend An Ear 1956 12 page program. Edith Adams, Peter Palmer, Howard St. John, Stubby Kaye, Charlotte Rae, Tina Louise, Julie Newmaar, Bern Hoffman, Al Nesor, Ted Thurston, William Lanteau, Stanley Simmonds. VG Spine partially split. (Stock number 005sp1108pc) $25.00

Roland Petit's Les Ballets de Paris in Carmen and other Ballets. 1949 Broadway production. Renee Jeanmaire, Colette Marchand, Gordon Hamilton, Serge Perrault, Belinda Wright, Joy Williams. Ursula Kubler, Mireille Lefebvre, Nina Bibikova, Stanley Hall, Gabriel Houbard, Gregor Mondjian, Robert Joffrey, Henry Danton, Roland Petit. VG. Cover lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408mV) $25.00

Li'l Abner 16 page program. John Beal, Dorothy Babbs, Ellen Hanley, Jenny Lou Law, William Skipper, Gloria Hamilton. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pb) $25.00

An Evening with Beatrice Lillie 16 page Broadway Program Fine (Stock number 005sp0701d) $25.00

The London Palladium. British Music Hall Programme for Monday, June 29th, 1936. Similar to American Vaudeville the show featured a variety of acts including the Palladium Girls, a comedian, an impersonator, juvenile entertainers, acrobats, dancing satire(?), and the headliners Geraldo and His Gaucho Tango Orchestra. 8 pages. Front cover detached. VG (Stock number 005sp045) $25.00

The Longest Day 1962 40 page program. John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert Ryan, Rod Steiger, Robert Wagner, Richard Beymer, Mel Ferrer, Jeffrey Hunter, Paul Anka, Sal Mineo, Roddy McDowall, Stuart Whitman, Steve Forrest, Eddie Albert, Richard Burton, Kenneth More, Peter Lawford, Richard Todd, Sean Connery, Jack Hedley, Irina Demich, Bourvil, Curt Jurgens, Werner Hinz, Paul Hartmann, Gerd Froebe. Lightly water stained. (Stock number 005sp1117x) $30.00

Lord of the Rings (Animation) 1978 A Ralph Bakshi film. (Stock number 005sp1117v) $25.00

Lord of the Rings (Animation) 1978 A Ralph Bakshi film. (Same as above but with Japanese text) (Stock number 005sp1117w) $25.00

Lost Horizon Peter Finch, Liv Ullmann, Sally Kellerman, George Kennedy, Michael York, Olivia Hussey, Bobby Van, James Shigeta, Charles Boyer, John Gielgud. Excellent (Stock number 005sp1108w) $25.00

Lost in the Stars 16 page program. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts production. Stars Brock Peters, Jack Gwillim, Gilbert Price, Leonard Jackson, Rosetta Le Noire, Louise Heath, Staats Cotsworth, Margaret Cowie, Damon Evans, Rod Perry. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pj) $25.00

Love Story Ali MacGraw, Ryan O'Neal, Ray Milland, Katherine Balfour, John Marley, Russell Nype, Sydney Walker, Robert Modica, Walker Daniels, Tom Lee Jnes, John Merensky, Andrew Duncan, Bob O'Connell. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1108x) $25.00

Mack & Mabel 1974 16 page program. Robert Preston, Bernadette Peters, Lisa Kirk, Jerry Dodge, Christopher Murney, Tom Batten, Bert Michaels, Nancy Evers, Robert Fitch, Stanley Simmonds. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pt) $25.00

A Majority of One 1959 16 page program. Gertrude Berg, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Berta Gersten, Maurice Ottinger. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108re) $25.00

A Man for All Seasons 1962 16 page program for American National Theatre Broadway production. Stars Emlyn Williams, Thomas Gomez, George Rose, Albert Dekker, William Redfield, Carol Goodner, David Stewart. VG Name in ink on cover. (Stock number 005sp1108pa) $25.00

Man of La Mancha 1965 24 pages. Jose Ferrer, Maura Wedge, Tony Martinez, George Wallace, Dale Malone. VG Cover lightly rubbed. (005sp0115j) $25.00

La Compagnie de Mime Marcel Marceau 1956 40 pages. VG Cover lightly rubbed. (005sp0115k) $25.00

Marcel Marceau and his Compagnie de Mime 1960 16 pages. VG Cover lightly rubbed. (005sp0115m) $25.00

Marcel Marceau and his Campagnie de Mime. 1960-1961. 20 page program book. VG. (Stock number 005sp1108rc) $25.00

Mardi Gras! 1965 16 page program. Jones Beach Theatre production. Starred David Atkinson, Karen Shepard, Juanita Hall, Phil Leeds, Ruth Kobart, Ralph Purdum, Gail Johnston, Peter Gladke, Wilbur DeParis & his New Orleams Jazz. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pk) $25.00

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 16 pages of articles and photos of Martin and Lewis. 1952 Fine. (Stock number 005sp042) $30.00

Mary, Mary c. 1964 16 page program. Road company starring Teresa Wright, Scott McKay, Tom Helmore, Hiram Sherman, Gale Gladstone. VG Folds & Creases. (Stock number 005sp1108pg) $25.00

Mary Stuart 1959-60 28 page program for the premiere tour of the National Phoenix Theatre. Eva Le Gallienne, Signe Hasso, Staats Cotsworth, Patrick Waddington, Bruno Gerussi. Paul Ballantyne, Robert Goodier, Muriel Kirkland, Sydney Walker, Geddeth Smith, David C. Jones. VG (Stock number 005sp1108rx) $25.00

Max Morath at the Turn of the Century 1969 16 pages. VG Cover lightly soiled. (005sp0115n) $25.00

The Music Man 1965 Broadway revival. Bert Parks, Barbara Willisms, Mort Marshall, Leona Maricle, Leora Thatcher, The Buffalo Bills, Dean Dittman, Hal Norman, Danny Carroll, Pixie Bowman, Thomas Norden. VG. Spine partially split, cover folds and tears. (Stock number 005sp0408mW) $25.00

My Fair Lady 1956 16 page Broadway Program of "My Fair Lady" starring Michael Allinson and Margot Moser. VG. Cover fold, cover partially detached, corner folds, soiled. (Stock number 005sp032) $25.00

My Fair Lady 1958 Broadway production. Edward Mulhare, Sally Ann Howes, Ronald Radd, Reginald Denny, Viola Roache, Philippa Bevans, Michael King, Olive Reeves-Smith, Regina Wallace, Robin Craven, Gordon Dilworth, Rod McLennan. Fine. (Stock number 005sp0408mx) $25.00

My Fair Lady Hardcover film souvenir book. Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Gladys Cooper, Jeremy Brett, Theodore Bikel. Mona Washbourne, Isobel Elsom. John Holland. Excellent (Stock number 005sp1108y) $25.00

New Girl in Town 1957 16 page program. Gwen Verdon, Thelma Ritter, George Wallace, Cameron Prud'homme, Evans Thornton, Lulu Bates, Eddie Phillips, Michael Quinn, Del Anderson, H. F. Green. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pw) $25.00

No Time For Sergeants 1955 18 page program. Andy Griffith, Myron McCormick, Roddy McDowall, Royal Beal, James Millhollin, Robert Webber, Rex Everhart, James Holden, Don Knotts. VG Page detached, spine partially split. (Stock number 005sp1108rf) $25.00

Oklahoma! 16 page program. Ridge Bond, David Morris, Edith Gresham, Claire Pasch, Evans Davis, Alfred Cibelli, Jr., Peggy Engel, Sherry O'Neill, Orville Sherman, Louise Fornace, Dave Mallen. Very good. (Stock number 005sp1108pd) $30.00

Oklahoma! 16 page program. Jimmy Alexander, David Morris, Edith Gresham, Claire Pasch, Evans Davis, Alfred Cibelli, Jr., Peggy Engel, Patricia Shay, Orville Sherman, Louise Fornaca, Dave Mallen. Very good. (Stock number 005sp1108px) $30.00

Oklahoma! 16 page program. Wilton Clary, Hy Anzell, Murvyn Vye, Owen Martin, Roy Milton, Jacqueline Daniels, Ann Crowley, Edith Gresham, James Parnell, Florenz Ames, Vladimir Kostenko, Alicia Krug, Jane Fischer. Very good. (Stock number 005sp1108pf) $30.00

Oliver! Ron Moody, Shani Wallis, Oliver Reed, Harry Secombe, Mark Kesterm Jack Wilde, Hugh Griffith, Joseph O'Conor, Hylda Baker, Leonard Rossiter, Sheila White, Peggy Mount, Megs Jenkins, James Hayter, Kenneth Cranham, Wensley Pithey, Clive Moss, Robert Bartlett, Jeff Chandler, Chris Duff, Nigel Grice, Ronnie Johnson, Nigel Kingsley, Robert Langley, Peter Lock, Ian Ramsey, Billy Smith, Kim Smith, Freddie Stead, Raynond Ward, John Wattersm Elizabeth Knight, Veronice Page, Henry Kay, Jane Peach, Keith Robets, Peter Hoar, Fred Emney, John Baskcombe, Norman Pitt, Arnold Locke, Frank Crawshaw. Excellent (Stock number 005sp1108aa) $25.00

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever 1965 16 page program. Barbara Harris, John Cullum, Titos Vandis, William Daniels, Clifford David, Michael Lewis, Gerry Matthews, Byron Webster, Evelyn Page, Hamilton Camp. (Stock number 005sp1108pd) $25.00

Paint Your Wagon Peter Max front and back covers. This is a complimentary copy. Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Jean Seberg, Harve Presnell, Ray Walston, Tom Ligon, Alan Dexter, William O'Connell, Ben Baker, Alan Baxter, Paula Trueman, Robert Easton, Geoffrey Norman, H.B. Haggerty, Terry Jenkins, Karl Bruck, John Mitchum, Sue Casey, Eddie Little Sky, Harvey Parry, H.W. Gim, William Mims, Roy Jenson, Pat Hawley, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Very good - fine (Stock number 005sp1108ab) $25.00.

Panama Hattie 1942 Arthur Treacher, Frances Williams, James Dunn, Ann Barrett, Red Marshall, Lorna Lynn. VG Date and cast members in ink on cover. (Stock number 005sp1108mx) $30.00

Pepe starring Cantinflas Columbia Pictures, 1960. 36 page full color program of "Pepe" played by Cantinflas. Costarring Dan Dailey, Shirley Jones, Carlos Montalban. Many celebrity cameo appearances. (Stock number 005sp040) $25.00

Peter Pan Sandy Duncan, Christopher Hewett, James Cook, Adrienne Angel, Matt McGrath, Johnny Morgal, Robin Cleaver, Oscar Stokes, Marsha Kramer. VG Cover creases. (Stock number 005sp1108my) $25.00

The Pirate 1942 12 page program. Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne. (Stock number 005sp1108pe) $30.00

Plaza Suite 1968 Broadway production. Maureen Stapleton, E. G. Marshall, Lynda Myles, Bob Balaban, Jose Ocasio. Cover lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408mz) $25.00

Porgy and Bess 1953 24 page program. LaVern Hutcherson, Cab Calloway, Irene Williams, Elizabeth Foster, Gloria Davy, Leslie Scott, Georgia Burke. VG (Stock number 005sp1108pn) $25.00

Promises, Promises Jerry Orbach, Jill O'Hara, Edward Winter, Paul Reed, Dick O'Neill, Norman Shelly, Vince O'Brien, Marian Mercer, Millie Slavin, Adrienne Angel, Donna McKechnie. VG (Stock number 005sp1108mv) $25.00

Promises, Promises (Same cover as above) Ted Pugh, Ilene Graff, Bob Holiday, Greg Lewis, Jack Drummond, Tom Batten, Larry Douglas, Barney Martin. VG (Stock number 005sp1108sa) $25.00

Purlie 1971 Cleavon Little, Melba Moore, John Heffernan, Sherman Hemsley, Novella Nelson, C. David Colson, Helen Martin, Linda Hopkins. VG (Stock number 005sp1108mu) $25.00

Quest For Fire 1982 Everett McGill, Rae Dawn Chong, Ron Perlman, Nameer El-Kadi. Very Good (Stock number 005sp0303mt) $25.00

Quo Vadis Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Leo Genn, Peter Usinov, Patricia Laffan, Finlay Currie, Abraham Sofaer, Marina Berti, Buddy Baer, Felix Aylmer, Nora Swinburne, Ralph Truman, Norman Wooland, Peter Miles, Geoffrey Dunn, Nicholas Hannen, D.A. Clarke-Smith, Rosalie Crutchley, John Ruddock, Arthur Walge, Elspeth March, Strelsa Brown, Alfredo Varelli, Roberto Ottaviano, William Tubbs, Pietro Tordi. Very good-f ine (Stock number 005sp1108ac) $25.00

Radio City Music Hall Pictorial. 1945. Cover is larger than scanner, Cover is complete - image is cropped. Very Good (Stock number 005sp009) $20.00

Radio City Music Hall Pictorial. 1945. Loaded with facts and pictures. Very Good (Stock number 005sp0831a) $20.00

Redhead 1959 Gwen Verdon, Richard Kiley, Leonard Stone, Doris Rich, Cynthia Latham, William LeMassena, Ralph Sumpter, Patrick Horgan, Buzz Miller, Pat Ferrier, Joy Nichols. Cover crease. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1229B) $25.00

The Robe 1953 Twentieth Century Fox movie in Cinemascope. Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, Michael Rennie, Jay Robinson, Dean Jagger, Torin Thatcher, Richard Boone, Betta St. John, Jeff Morrow, Ernest Thesiger, Dawn Addams, Leon Askin. Spine separating, cover creases. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1229E) $25.00

J. Arthur Rank Presents Romeo and Juliet. Laurence Harvey. Susan Shental, Flora Robson, Norman Wooland, Mervyn Jones. Circa 1955. Original owners unobtrusive notes inside front cover. 16 page film program with b/w illustrations. Fine (Stock number 005sp1118c) $25.00

Rosalinda an Operetta in Three Acts and Prologue. 1942 Broadway production. VG-Fine. (Stock number 005sp0408na) $25.00

Same Time Next Year 1976 Australian Premiere Lewis Fiander and Nancye Hayes. Very Good-Fine. (Stock number 005sp1229D) $25.00

Saturday Night Fever 1977 16 page program with vinyl record. John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Donna Pescow, Barry Miller, Bruce Ornstein, Joseph Cali, Paul Pope, The Bee Gees. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117ab) $25.00

The School For Scandal 1963 20 page program. Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Geraldine McEwan, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Meriel Forbes, Laurence Naismith, Malcolm Keen, Richard Easton. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108ry) $25.00

Search for Paradise Cinerama. Lowel Thomas. Very good - fine (Stock number 005sp1108af) $25.00

The Seven Year Itch, 1952. 16 page black and white program. Tom Ewell, Vanessa Brown, Robert Emhardt, Neva Patterson, and George Keane tarred in the original stage production. Cover lightly soiled, small edge tear. VG (Stock number 005sp0420b) $25.00

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 1978 16 page movie program. With Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees, Frankie Howard, Paul Nicholas, Donald Pleasence, Steve Martin, George Burns, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Earth, Wind & Fire, Billy Preston. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117Q) $25.00

Shoes of the Fisherman 1968 Anthony Quinn, Sir Laurence Olivier, Oskar Werner, David Janssen, Vittorio De Sica, Leo McKern, Sir John Gielgud, Barbara Jefford, Rosemarie Dexter, Frank Finlay, Burt Kwouk, Arnoldo Feam Paul Rogers, George Pravda, Clive Revill, Niall MacGinnis, Marne Maitland, Isa Miranda, Gerals Harper, Leopoldo Trieste, Peter Copley, Sthur Howard, Jean Rougeul. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108ag) $25.00

Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra - The Main Event - Madison Square Garden 28 page Program with ticket stub. 1976 Fine. Corner fold. (Stock number 005sp033) $35.00

Solomon and Sheba A King Vidor Production. Yul Brynner, Gina Lollobrigida, George Sanders. Marisa Pavan, David Farrar. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108ah) $25.00

Something For The Boys A Mike Todd Production. 1943. 12 page souvenir theatre programme. Ethel Merman, Allen Jenkins, Paula Laurence, Bill Johnson, Betty Bruce, Bill Callahan, Jed Prouty, Stuart Langley, Francis Mercer, William Lynn, Betty Garrett, Anita Alvarez, Madeline Clive, the De Marlos, the Barnes Twins, Jack Hartley. Very Good. (Stock number 005sp1213a) $35.00

Song of Norway 16 page Road Company Program and program from the Shubert Theare in Philadelphia (Jan. 12, 1948). Doreen Wilson, Ralph Magelssen, Melva Niles, Gilbert Russell and Sig Arno. Fine (Stock number 005sp0701h) $25.00

Sound of Music Julie Andrews 48 page Movie Program . Fine (Stock number 005sp0701i) $30.00

South Pacific. 1960. 10 page program book of the Carousel Theatre production of South Pacific starring Howard Keel, Elizabeth Allen, Cliff Norton. Slightly rubbed on cover. Very Good-Fine. (Stock number 005sp039) $15.00

South Pacific Mary Martin, Ray Middleton. 16 page Broadway Program. Edge nicks, folds. (Stock number 005sp0701k) $25.00

South Pacific 1951 Broadway production. Martha Wright, George Britton, Myron McCormick, William Tabbert, Martin Wolfson, Musa Williams, Irma Sandre, Bartlett Robinson, Jack Weston, Albert Popwell, Gene Saks, Bill Dwyer. Cover lightly soiled. (Stock number 005sp0408nb) $25.00

Spartacus 1960 Hardbound. Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, Charles Laughton, Peter Ustonov, John Gavin, Nina Foch, Herbert Lom, John Ireland, John Dall, Charles McGraw, Joanna Barnes, Harold J. Stone, Woody Strode, Peter Brocco, Paul Lambert, Robert J. Wilke, Nicholas Dennis, John Hoyt, Frederick Worlock, Dayton Lummis, Tony Curtis. Almost fone (Stock number 005sp1108ai) $30.00

Spring in Brazil. Milton Berle, Rose Marie, Bernice Parks, Christine Ayres, Joseph McCaulay. 1945. approx 3" tear on back cover otherwise Very Good-Fine. (Stock number 005sp008) $22.00

Star Trek The Motion Picture 1979 16 page movie program. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Persis Khambatta, Stephen Collins, James Doohan, George Takei, Majel Barrett, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Grace Lee Whitney. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117N) $30.00

Star Wars The Motion Picture 1977 16 page movie program. With Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Alec Guiness, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117P) $30.00

Barbra Streisand 1967 Magazine pictorial. 16 pages. VG Cover lightly soiled. (005sp0115p) $25.00

Sweeney Todd 1979 16 pages. Angela Lansbury, Len Cariou, Ken Jennings, Merle Louise, Edmund Lyndeck, Victor Garber, Sarah Rice, Joaquin Romaguera, Jack Eric Williams. VG-Fine (005sp0115r) $25.00

Sweet Charity 1969. Shirley MacLaine, Sammy Davis Jr., Ricardo Montalban, John McMartin, Chita Rivera, Very good - fine (Stock number 005sp1108ak) $25.00

The Tales of Hoffmann London Films presntation. 20 page program with color and b/w photos. Fine condition. (005sp0506a) $25.00

Teahouse of the August Moon Eli Wallach, Gene Blakely. 16 page Broadway Program. Autographed by Eli Wallach. (Stock number 005sp1108df) $45.00

Teahouse of the August Moon Eli Wallach, Gene Blakely. 16 page Broadway Program Cover taped on, some folds. (Stock number 005sp0701e) $25.00

Tenderloin 1960 Original Broadway cast. Maurice Evans, Ron Husmann, Wynne Miller, Eileen Rodgers, Rex Everhart, Eddie Phillips, Lee Becker, Ralph Dunn, Raymond Bramley, Irene Kane, Roy Fant. Fine. (Stock number 005sp0408nc) $25.00

That Lady 1949 Original Broadway cast. Katherine Cornell, Henry Daniell, Torin Thatcher, Henry Stephenson, Joseph Wiseman. Slightly water stained. (Stock number 005sp0408nd) $25.00

They're Playing Our Song 16 page program. With Diana Canova, Ted Wass. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117R) $25.00

Irving Berlin's All Soldier Show This is the Army 1942 Company of 300 soldiers. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108da) $35.00

Three to Make Ready 963 Ray Bolger, Brenda forbes, Harold Lang, Bill Tabbert, Jane Deering, Bibi Osterwald, Rose Inghram. Very Good (Stock number 005sp1108pc) $30.00

Tobacco Road 1936 12 page program. Henry Hull, Mary Servoss, Priscilla Knowles, Leon Ames, Fiske O'Hara, Donald Barry, Pauline Drake, Hallene Hill, Haila Stoddard, Howard Banks, Dick Lee. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108ro) $25.00

Tovarich Marta Abba, Rudolf Forster. Very good. (Stock number 005sp1108db) $25.00

Two on the Aisle 1951 16 page program. Bert Lahr, Dolores Gray, Elliott Reid, J. C. McCord, Stanley Prager, Kathryne MyIroie, Richard Gray, Patricia Tobin, Loney Lewis, Robert Gallagher. VG (Stock number 005sp1108rn) $25.00

The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Karen Morrow, Tammy Grimes, Harve Presnell. 16 page Broadway Program with tippped in Tammy Grimes Page. Fine (Stock number 005sp0701b) $25.00

Urban Cowboy 1980 16 page movie program. With John Travolta, Debra Winder, Scott Glenn, Madolyn Smith, Barry Corbin, Brooke Alderson, Cooper Huckabee, James Gammon. Also Mickey Gilley, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Lee, Charlie Daniels Band. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1117S) $30.00

The Vagabond King 1925 12 page program. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108rs) $25.00

The Valachi Papers 1978 24 page movie program. With Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Joseph Wiseman, Lino Ventura, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Walter Chiari, Angelo Infanti, Maria Baxa, Mario Pilar, Fausto Tozzi. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117T) $25.00

Helen Hayes in Victoria Regina. 16 page program with black and white illustrations. Helen Hayes, Werner Bateman, Abraham Sofaer. 1930's Fine (Stock number 005sp825c) $35.00

Vienna on Parade 24 page program. Deutschmeister Band led by Capt. Julius Herrmann and soloists Hedy Fassler and Erwin Gross, Singing Boys and Girls of the Vienna Woods, Grinzing Schrammel Ensemble with Karl Jancik. VG (Stock number 005sp1108rt) $25.00

Watch on the Rhine 1941 12 page program. Lucile Watson, Paul Lukas, Mady Christians. VG-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108rr) $25.00

The Way of the World by William Congreve. 1931. The Players Tenth Annual Classic Revival. Opening Night Program. William Rainey, Walter Hampden, Gerald Hamer, Moffat Johnston, Ernest Cossart, Eugene Lockhart, Eliot Cabot, Ben Lackland, Samuel Merwin, Charles McCarthy, Alan Campbell, Paul Parks, Alice Fischer, Fay Bainter, Cora Witherspoon, Selena Royle, Kathleen Lockhart, Dorothy Stickney, Sheelagh Hayes, Erna Rowan, Mary McCoy. (Stock number 005sp0408ne) $25.00

West Side Story Revival 16 page program. With Leslie Uggams, Anthony Mucci, Elaine Petricoff, Joseph Pugliese, Jim Litten. Fine (Stock number 005sp1117U) $25.00

West Side Story 1961 Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno, George Chakiris. Very Good-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108ao) $30.00

Where's Charley? Ray Bolger. Very Good-Fine (Stock number 005sp1108de) $25.00

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1963 Uta Hagen, Arthur Hill, George Grizzard, Melinda Dillon. Very Good (Stock number 005sp1108pb) $25.00

Darryl F. Zanuck's Wilson 1944 18 pages. Alexander Knox, Charles Coburn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Thomas Mitchell, Sir Cedric Hardwick, Vincent Price, William Eythe, Mary Anderson. Cover is detached. (Stock number 005sp1108ap) $30.00

The Wiz 1978 Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross, Lena Horne, Richard Pryor. Very Good (Stock number 005sp0303ms) $25.00

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm 1962 Hardcover.Laurence Harvey, Karl Boehm, Claire Bloom, Walter Slezak, Barbara Eden, Oscar Homolka, Arnold Stang, Yvette Mimieuz, Russ Tamblyn, Jim Backus, Walter Brooke, Terry Thomas, Buddy Hackett, Otto Kruger. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108aq) $25.00

Your Arms Too Short to Box with God 16 page program. Dec. 22, 1976 - Jan. 1, 1978. Original cast starring Salome Bey, Karen G. Burke, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Sheila Ellis, Thomas J. Fouse, Delores Hall, William Hardy, Jr., Hector Jaime Mercado, William Thomas, Jr., Derek Williams. Fine (Stock number 005sp1108mk) $25.00


Ice Capades of 1949 . Light creases and scratches. Seven dwarf back cover Click to view back cover. (005sp0611a) $30.00

Ice Capades of 1951. Light cover scratches. Disney character back cover. Click to view back cover (005sp0611c) $30.00

The Show of Champions. Ice Capades of '57. Very good. Fold down center of cover, edge nicks, dogear. (Stock number 005sp0701a) $22.00

Ice Capades 1962. 16 full color pages. Very good-Fine. Spine partially split. Ticket stubs included. (Stock number 005sp0315c) $20.00

Ice Capades1963. 16 full color pages. Very good. Covers detached, water stain on cover. (Stock number 005sp0315d) $20.00

Ice Capades Winter 1965. 16 full color pages. Very good-Fine. Light corner fold. Notation in ink on inside cover. (Stock number 005sp0315a) $20.00

Ice Capades Fall 1965. 14 full color pages including center fold-out. Very good. Light corner folds. Notation in ink on inside cover. (Stock number 005sp0315b) $20.00

Ice Capades Skates Alive! 1982. 32 full color pages. Very good-fine. Light cover creases. (Stock number 005sp044) $20.00

Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1944 Very good-Fine. (005sp1229F) $30.00

Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1946, Very good. Light cover scratches, fold in center. (005sp1106a) $30.00

Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1948, Very good - fine. Light cover scratches. (005sp1220a) $30.00

Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1949, 13 annual Edition, 16 pages. Very good - fine. (005sp0611a) $30.00

Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1952, Very good - fine. Light cover scratches. (005sp815b) $25.00

Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1953 Fine-Very fine (Stock number 005sp002) $25.00

Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies of 1962 20 page program, color and black and white. Fine (Stock number 005sp0315e) $25.00

Ice Vogues of 1951 Very good. Light cover scratches. Scotch tape on lower left corner of cover (Stock number 005sp1106b) $20.00

Sonja Henie and Her Hollywood Ice Review. Boston Garden-Arena. 1940. Folded down center otherwise Fine. (Stock number 005sp705) $30.00

Sonja Henie and Her Hollywood Ice Review. 1941-1942. Corner fold otherwise Fine. (Stock number 005sp515a) $30.00

Sonja Henie and Arthur M. Wirtz present Stars on Ice A Musical Icetravaganza 1942. Corner fold otherwise Fine. (Stock number 005sp515a) $30.00

Sonja Henie and Arthur M. Wirtz present Stars on Ice A Musical Icetravaganza c.1940's. Small edge nibble, rubbed spine. (Stock number 005sp1213b) $30.00

Icetime of 1948. Presented by Sonja Henie and Arthur M. Wirtz. Fine Condition. (Stock number 005sp1227a) $30.00

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