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Spanish American War Stereographs

A Selection of Stereographs of Spanish American War Subjects. Photos are 1:1 direct scans.

2474-The President and Mrs. McKinley. Keystone. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006a) $15.00 SOLD

9448- The Great Naval Battle of Manila Bay - Admiral Dewey's Victory. Copyright 1898 by Muller, Luchsinger & Co.. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006b) $15.00

9413-The Embarkation of Spanish Troops, Santiago Harbor, Cuba. Keystone. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006c) $15.00

9134-U.S.S. Cincinatti at Coaling Dock, Key West, Fla, USA. Keystone. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006d) $12.00 SOLD

"Maine" Wreck aft looking forward, from port side -"Vizcaya" in distance - Havana Harbor.. Strohmeyer & Wyman. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006e) $18.00

9389-Volunteers on Transport "Rio de Janero" leaving San Francisco for Manila. Keystone. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006f) $15.00

9406 - Morro Castle from the Old Fortification, Santiago Harbor, Cuba. Keystone. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006g) $15.00

9252-Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" Leaving Tampa Fla. for Santiago. Keystone. Curved Card (Stock number 005sg1006h) $15.00 SOLD

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