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Hollywood - Official Stamps of the Stars and Studios

Hollywood - Official Stamps of the Stars and Studios. First Series. After World War II ended, the nation's consciousness returned to important things - Hollywood and its stars. These souvenir stamps allowed you to collect your favorite stars and starlets. We have obtained a wide selection of these stamps in excellent condition, still in their original glassine envelopes. The envelopes may show some wear but the stamps are mint. The sheets measure 7 1/2" x 4 1/8". The above scan shows a sheet in its envelope. Style and background varies. Each sheet was given an identifying letter for collectors.

ASC - Academy Award Winners - Best Supporting Actor/Best SupportingActress. 1938 - Walter Brennan / Fay Baxter, 1939 - Thomas Mitche / Hattie Mc Donald, 1940 - Walter Brennan / Jane Darwell, 1941 Donald Crimp / Mary Astor, 1942 - Van Heflin / Teresa Wright, 1943 - Charles Colburn/ Katina Paxinou, 1944 - Barry Fitzgerald / Ethel Barrymore, 1945 - James Dunn, Anne Revere, 1946 - Harold Russell / Anne Baxtor (Stock number 005star-ASC) $20.00

K - Warner Baxter, Richard Conte, Melvyn Douglas, Van Heflin, Hedy Lamarr, Lon McAllister, Eleanor Parker, Joyce Reynolds, John Sutton, Jane Wyman, Arlene Robert, Rory Calhoun (Stock number 005star-K) $15.00 SOLD

M- Constance Bennett, Joseph Cotten, Irene Dunne, John Hodiak, Glen Langan, Catherline McLoed, John Payne, Cesar Romero, Gene Tierney, Loretta Young, Audrey Totter, James Craig (Stock number 005star-M) $15.00 SOLD

V- Holt, (Charles) Laughton, Langford, Ilyse Knox, (William) Demarest, (Spike) Jone, (Gene) Kelley, Errol, Tommy Dorsey, "Lucky", Bob Hope, Connie Marshall Some are caricatures (Stock number 005star-V) $15.00 SOLD

Z - Dean Stockwell, (Paul) Muni, Powell, Jacqueline White, Morgan, Street, Scott, (Donald) O'Conner, Harry James, "Dillinger", Chico (Marx), Starett. Some are caricatures (Stock number 005star-Z) $15.00 SOLD

FC - Slezak, Revere, Benny, Woolsey, Arden, Carson, Wynn, Daley, Haley, Skelton, Davis, Oakie. Picture playing cards (Stock number 005star-FC) $15.00 SOLD

XX - Natalie Wood, (Edward G.) Robinson, (Sylvia) Simms, Margo Woode, (Lloyd) Nolan, (Rudy) Valle, Webb, (Phil) Silvers, Paul Whiteman, "Tarzan"(Johnny Weismuller), (Harold) Lloyd, Wakely Some are caricatures (Stock number 005star-XX) $15.00 SOLD

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