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Rare Sweet Caporal Cigarettes Paper Sign


Although we have encountered many tobacco advertising signs promoting the many brands of cigarettes produced by the American Tobacco Company we have never seen this particular sign. We believe that the figure portrayed on this heavy paper advertising poster might relate to the N224 Military Tobacco Card Series issued late in the 19th Century and included in packages of Sweet Caporal Cigarettes. An image of the cigarette pack is depicted on the sign as well as the slogan "The purest form in which tobacco can be smoked." Sweet Caps were one of the most popular brands of cigarette produced by the American Tobacco Company. They were well known for the T205 and T206 baseball cards and other tobacco premiums that were packed in the box. This poster, more than 100 years old, has seen better days. As is evident from the picture the sign has significant paper loss along the left edge and the lower right corner. The edges are rough, there is a hole near the bottom, and the poster is stained. It measures approximately 17.25" x 30.5" Still it is a rare piece that would be prized by the serious collector. (Stock number 003SweetCap) $350.00

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