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T114 Up to Date Comics - Tobacco Cards Set.

Up to Date Comics. A complete set of 25 tobacco cards issued in 1908 with Fore'n'Aft and U.S. Marine Cigarettes. (Burdick designation T114) . Approx., 2 1/4" x 3 1/8" . The subjects are comic young women illustrating phrases and puns. These cards could not be published today without eliciting protests from a variety of quarters. Most are in near mint condition, a few in lower grades. The cards in this set are in better condition that those pictured. SOLD (Stock number 003T114)

Subjects included are :

Ah! Chew Me Gum; De High Flyers fer Mine; First Prize at the Ball; Hello Honey; Here's Happy Days; I am Fur You; I am Some Golfer; I'll Dance With You Next, Bill; I'm All Smiles Tonight, Love; I'm the Hot Scotch Lassie; I'm Your Bridey All Right; I've Got me Eyes on You; Let's do the Giggle Slide; Like Me New Lid; Like to Spoon with Me; May I be your Valentine; Oh! Promise ME; Put the Rollers under me; Rite in de Swim; Somebody's Darling; Sweet Sixteen and Never Kissed; The Mistletoe is on Me Roof; Waiting For You, Honey; Where is Me Mate?; Who's Looney Now"; Oh, say! He loves Me.

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