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T175 Heroes of the Spanish War - Tobacco Cards Set.

Heroes of the Spanish War. A complete set of 50 tobacco cards issued in 1900 with Sweet Caporal Cigarettes. (Burdick designation T175) . Approx, 1 1/2" x 2 3/4" . The subjects are statesmen and generals and include Boxer Rebellion related figures. These cards were designed to be cut out of the cigarette pack so they are uneven in size and shape. Two cards were included on the inner portion of each pack. The backs are plain. They are in rough condition but cutout cards such as these usually are . . $200.00 (Stock number 009T175) SOLD

Subjects included are :

William McKinley, William J. Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, Hon. A.J. Bevridge (US Senator from Indiana), Hon. Jos. W. Bailey (US Rep from Texas), Adlai E. Stevenson, Capt. J.B. Cognlan U.S. Navy, Lt. Hung Chang, Major-Gen. A.R. Chaffee US Volunteers, Hon. Lyman J. Gage Sec. of Treas., Hon. J.B. Foraker Ex-Gov-Ohio, Brigadier-Gen. Fonston US Volunteers, Admiral George Dewey U.S. Navy, Hon. Chauncey Depew US Senator- NY, Capt. Robley D. Evans US Navy, Ricjard Croker NYC, Hon. E. H. Conger Minister to Cuba, Hon. Joseph H. Choate, Hon. D.B. Henderson Speaker House of Representatives, Hon Carter Harrison Mayor of Chicago, Hon John W. Griggs Attorney General US, Major-Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, Hon. J.K. Jones US Senator - Arkansas, Lieut. Richmond P. Hobson, Major-Gen. E.S. Otis US Army, General Nelson A. Miles Com.-in-chief US Army, Hon. J.D. Long Secretary of Navy, Hon. Eugene Hale US Senator-Maine, Hon John Hay Sec'y of State, Hon David B. Hill Ex-Senator-NY, Hon. Mark Hanna US Senator-Ohio, Hon. Chas. H. Allen Gov of Porto Rico, Major-Gen Lawton US Army, Hon. H.C. Lodge Senator from Mass, Hon. B.B. Odell, Hon. Wm. A. Pfeffer Ex US Sen from Kansas, General Horace Porter US Ambassador to France, Hon Thomas C. Platt US Senator NY, Hon H.S. Pingree, Hon. Elihu Root, Rear Admiral G.C. Remey US Navy, Hon, M.S. Quay Ex-senator from Penn., Capt. C.D. Sigsbee, Read-Adm'l W.S. Schley, Rear Adm'l W.T. Sampson, Hon. Benjamin Tilman US Senator SC, Hon Chas. T. Towne, Major-Gen. Leonard Wood, Gen. Joseph Wheeler US Army, Hon, Timothy L. Woodruff Lieut-Gov NY

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