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T203 - Up To Date Baseball Comics - Mayo Tobacco Cards

"Up To Date Baseball Comics" issued by the American Tobacco Company with Mayo's Cut Plug in 1908 there were 25 cards in this series. (Burdick T203).

003T203-1 | 003T203-2 | 003T203-3

A Star Catcher. Fold across card at lower quarter, rounded corners, light margin staining. No glue or paper adherance to reverse, (Stock number 003T203-1) $15.00 SOLD

A Crack Outfielder. Light soiling. Paper residue from an album obscures much of reverse (Stock number 003T203-2) $15.00 SOLD

Put Out on 1st. Card stained and rubbed. Paper loss on reverse. (Stock number 003T203-3) $13.00 SOLD

003T203-4 | 003T203-5

A Great Game. Card folded at center, some staining at top margin and lower right margin. Slight paper loss on reverse. (Stock number 003T203-4) $15.00 SOLD

Caught Napping. Some soiling. Nick at lower right margin. Paper adhesion and loss on reverse. (Stock number 003T203-5) $15.00 SOLD

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