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T30 - Arctic Scenes - Hassan Cigarette Cards.

Hassan Cigarettes Arctic Scenes Series. Tobacco or cigarette card. Issued in 1916 this series of 25 Cards shows a variety of painting from arctic life and scenery. . Cards measure approx. 2 1/2" x 3 1/4". Overall condition: Fine. (009T30set) $150.00. SOLD

Subjects included are:

The Explorer's Fiend, Eskimo Woman, The Midnight Sun, Eskimo Puppies, Andree's Fairwell Message, Edge of a Glacier, Melville Bay Iceberg, An Approaching Blizzard, The America, The Jeanette, The Erebus and Terror, The Tegetthof, The Hansa, Hanging Glacier, The Crow's Nest, Andree's Balloon, A Cairn, Eskimo Child, Arctic Moonlight, Polaris Beach, Arctic Aurora, The Fury of An Arctic Gale, Cape Sabine, Cape Parry, Cape Victoria.

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