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T53 - Hassan Cowboy Series - Tobacco Cards - Set.

Hassan Cigarettes Cowboy Series. Tobacco or cigarette card. Issued in 1914 this series of 49 Cards shows scenes from western life. Originally planned to have 50 cards the 50th card was thought to be too violent and was not issued. We can view this as early censorship, political correctness or sensitivity - take your choice. Cards measure approx. 2 1/2" x 3 1/4". Condition" VG-Fine overall. (Stock number 003T53Set) $275.00 SOLD

A Balky Pupil, A Buck Hero, A Bucking Broncho, A Close Call, A Cowboy Race, A Half-Breed, A Long Shot, A Lucky Bag, A Parting Shot, An Old-Time Cowboy, At the Theatre, Branding a Calf, Cowboy Courtship, Darning His Socks, Driving Out the Horse Herd, Evenening on the Praire, Fighting the Prairie Fire, Fording the River, Getting the Horse Thief, Hands Up, Heading A Stampede, Helping the Sheriff, "Her" Picture, His Best Friend, His Favorite Brand, Hurdling the Corral, Lassoing A Grizzly, Making a Tenderfoot Dance, Man Eater, On the Hunty, On the Move, The Overland Mail, Picking Up the Handkerchief, Playing Crack Loo, Putting on the Blind, Queen of the Ranch, Reapiring a Break, Riding a Buffalo, Riding A Steer, Roping A Steer, Roping and Tying. Rounding Up, Shooting Up the Town, Skinning a Buffalo, The Lariat Dance, The Maverick, Throwing A Steer, Touching Leather.

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