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T69 - Historic Homes - Helmar Cigarette Cards - Set.

Helmar Cigarettes. Historic Homes Series. Tobacco or cigarette card. Issued in 1914 this series of 50 Cards shows views of the houses with a short history on the reverse.. Cards measure approx. 2 1/8" x 2 3/4". Overall condition: Fine. . (009T69set) $350.00. SOLD

Subjects included are:

The Adams Cottage, The Birthplace of Wm. McKinley, General Grant's Home. Beavior House, Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, The Brown Homestead, Henry Clay's Homestead, Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin, John Greenleaf Whittier's Birthplace, Birthplace of Francis Scott Key, Home of Ralph Waldo Emerson, The First ustom House in America, Home of a Minute Man, John Ericsson's Home, Fraunces' Tavern, Andrew Jackson's Home, Anne Hathaway's Cottage, William Penn's House,Daniel Webster's Home, The Jumel Mansion, Thomas Jefferson's Home, Home of Samuel Francis Smith, John Alden's House, Miles Standish House, Betsey Ross's House, Home, Sweet, Home, Longfellow's House,The Old State House - Boston.The Old Rowan Cottage, The Foster Homestead, The Old Fairbanks Housem The Poe Cottage, The First Brick House in America, Mount Vernon. The Old State House - Kingston NY, The Old Curiosity Shop, Arlington House, The White House of the Confederacy, Washington's Headquarters - Newburgh, The House of the Seven Gables, The Wayside Inn, The Van Cortlandt Mansion, The Hancock-Clark House, The Old Manse, The Yankee Doodle House, The Birthplace of Willaim Shakespeare, Paul Revere's Home. Stratford House, The Home of James Madison, The Original White House

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