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T73 Indian Life in the 1860's - Tobacco Cards Set.

Indian Life in the 1860's A complete set of 50 tobacco cards issued by Hassan Cigarettes in 1914. (Burdick designation T73) . Approx, 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" . Fine condition over all. $400.00 (Stock number 003T73set) SOLD

Scenes included are :

A Spilt Indian, A Mean Cayuse, A Dash to Save Scalp of Fallen Comrade, Buffalo Charging Hunter, Boys Playing Deer Hunting, Attacked by a Lion, Buffalo Wallow-Indian Hiding, Buffalo in Sight, Buffalo Dance, Canoe Racing, Calling Back the Moose, Calling Back the Elk, Dude of the Village, Chased by a Grizzly Bear - Indian Boys, Capturing Wild Horse, Gambling with Bone, Flight of the Arrow, Elk Hunting Disguised as Buffalo, In A Tight Place, Horse Racing, Going to the Happy Hunting Ground, Indian Children Crying, Indian Chief Painting Face. Indian Boy Playing with Pet Crow, Killing Buffalo in the River, Indian War Implements, Indian Medicine Man, Love Making, Lassoing Buffalo Calf, Killing Buffalo on Snowshoes, On the Scent of Tobacco, Offering Deer to the Setting Sun, Medicine Man's Mascot, Race of Young Bucks, Puppy Stew, Peace Offering to Spirit of Bear, Smoking to the Setting Sun, Salmon Fishing on Columbia River, Squaw Offering Food to Dead Babe, Stringing Vegetables by Young Squaws, Stalking the Antelope, Stalking Deer, The Rainmaker, The Peace Call, The Bull Boat, To the Windard, Whisky Hunters

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