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T99 - Sights and Scenes of the World - Pan Handle Scrap and Bengal Cigars Cards.

Sights and Scenes of the World. Tobacco or cigarette card. Issued in 1912 in Pan Handle Scrap Tobacco and Bengal Cigars, this series of 50 Cards shows views of the World's Landmarks. Cards measure approx. 2 3/8" x 3 3/8". Overall condition: Very Good+. (009T99set) $250.00.

Subjects included are:

The Arch of Constantine - Rome Italy; The Alps - Switzerland; The Acropolos At Athens - Greece; Blarney Castle - Ireland; The Bridge of Sighs in Venice - Italy; The Arch of Triumph Paris - France; The Capital, Washington - U.S.A. ; Bull Tanjore Temple - India; Brooklyn Bridge, New York -USA; The Cathedral of St. Mark, Venice - Italy; The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris - France, The Cathedral at Milan - Italy; The Eifel Tower in Paris - France; The Colosseum at Rome - Italy; The Cathedral at Cologne - Germany; The Forth Bridge - Scotland; The Erechteum at Athens - Greece; El Capitan, Yosemite Valley -USA; The Grand Canal - Venice-Italy; The Geysers in Yellowstone Park - USA; The Forum at Rome - Italy; Grant's Tomb, New York City - USA; The Grand Opera House, Paris - France; Grand Canyon of the Colorado-USA; The Lakes of Killarney - Ireland; Jungfrau, Interlaken - Switzerland; The Great Sphinx of Giza - Egypt; The London Bridge, London - England; The Library of Congress, Washinton - USA; The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Italy; The Natural Bridge in Virginia - USA; The Metropolitan Building in New York - USA; Mauretania (Steamhip); The Pantheon, Rome - Italy; The Obelisk in Central Park, New York - USA; Niagara Falls - USA; The Pyramids of Ghizah - Egypt; The Pennsylvania Terminal in New York; The Parthenon at Athens - Greece; The St. Gotthard Tunnel - Switzerland; The Ruins of Pompeii - Italy; The Rock of Gibraltar - Spain; The Temple At Salt Lake City - USA; The Statue of Liberty at New York - USA; St. Peter's Cathedral, Rome - Italy; The Great Wall of China - Asia; The Big Trees in Yosemite - USA; The Tower in London - England; Westminster Abbey, London - England; Washinton Monument - USA

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