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Some Interesting Advertising Trade Cards

Advertising trade cards were popular through the late 19th century as a result of the development and refinemnent of the chromolithography printing process. Given away by companies and merchants the trade card was one of the earliest mass advertisng media.
Key to condition:
EX (Excellent) In a perfect state, as issued, no faults, fresh, never mounted.
VF (Very Fine) Fresh without faults, reverse may show faint signs of having been mounted in a scrap album
F (Fine) Fresh, may have a minor corner creade or slight edge wear, neither of ehich affect the image.
VG (Very good) Fresh, with more than one corner crease, or a single creade that affects the image, or a tiny margin tear, or a tiny toning spot.

Solar Tips Shoes.. Girard College Phila. Where Boys Wear our Solar Tip Shoes. F. (Stock number 003tc013) $20.00

Diamond Dyes. Class in Economy. F. (Stock number 003tc014) $15.00

Perry Davis' Pain Killer for Wounds. Armored Main Top of A Modern Man of War (Stock number 003tc015) $25.00 SOLD

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