Transportation Related Trade Cards

Advertising trade cards were popular through the late 19th century as a result of the development and refinement of the chromolithography printing process. Given away by companies and merchants the trade card was one of the earliest mass advertisng media.

Please preview the detailed images to verify condition.

Click for Detail Brewster's Safety Rein Holder. Calvert's Litho F-VF (Stock number 50828788) $55.00 SOLD

Click for Detail (Die Cut) Budd Wheels for Balloon Tires. Official Service Station. James Pullar Company. Hartford CT. VF (Stock number 508 5220) $24.00 SOLD

Click for Detail (Realphoto Business Card) Ford Business Card. Marlar and Eymann, Dealers in Fords and Fordsons, Reedley CA VF (Stock number 5088688) $40.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Columbia Bicycles/Tricycles. R-adv. testimonials, high wheeler in use F-VF (Stock number 508tc028) $100.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Springfield Bicycle Club, Hamden Park R-adv. Wonderful card. minor tape and adhesions on back otherwise. F (Stock number 508tc027) $40.00 SOLD

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