A Dealer's Choice of Advertising Trade Cards

Advertising trade cards were popular through the late 19th century as a result of the development and refinement of the chromolithography printing process. Given away by companies and merchants the trade card was one of the earliest mass advertisng media.

Please preview the detailed images to verify condition.

Click for Detail Standard Sewing Machine Co. Cleveland, Ohio. Patriotic parade with flag, fife and drum celebrating the Nation's Pride. Litho by Johns & Co. 1885. VF (Stock number 5085626) $18.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Baker's Cocoa. "La Belle Chocolatiere". Classic Advertsing image for the Dorchester MA based firm. Slight paper loss to reverse. Fine (Stock number 5089119) $32.00 SOLD

Click for Detail National Lead Company Suggestion for House Painting. Litho by Armstrong & Co, Boston. Light pencil writing on front. Fine (Stock number 50810999) $45.00 SOLD

Click for Detail The Bucher & Gibbs Plow Co. Canton Ohio. Reverse pictures New Imperial X Chilled Plow in right or left hand models. VF (Stock number 50818619) $55.00 SOLD

Click for Detail 1883 Baltimore Oriole Pageant. Lift birds wing and see Wm. P. Toles & Bro. ad (1883 impt LR) Light cr crease does not detract. Scarce. Fine (Stock number 508tc001) $55.00 SOLD

Click for Detail New England House. Boston, MA. Colored letting b/w hotel vignette on reverse. Rare (Stock number 508tc002) $60.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Wells Rough on Rats. black and whiote silhouette. R-adv. F-VF (Stock number 508tc003) $35.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Carter's Mucilage. Color printed over woodcut design. R-adv F (Stock number 508tc014) $35.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Uncle Sam Brownie. Possibly Palmer Cox. No adv. VF (Stock number 508tc016) $40.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Dickinson & Co. Fancy printing, finely engraved, from 1850's book, b/w on c/s, slight oxidation, VG (Stock number 508tc017) $75.00 SOLD

Click for Detail German Trade Card. Exhibition of Paintings and Rare Objects of Art, wonderful designs, green and black on c/s. VF (Stock number 508tc018) $95.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Lang's Pure Beer. Child-like angel/butterfly. "Now Don't Drink it All", R-adv. Rare F (Stock number 508tc026) $75.00 SOLD

Click for Detail A. Werner & Co.. Extra Dry Champagne. Rich colors. Rare. F (Stock number 508tc035) $40.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Sea Island Thread. E.C. Wilson & Co. Medway, MA.early woodcut mill view. Exceptional and rare F-VF (Stock number 508tc030) $45.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Watches, Clocks, Jewelry. Early business card, high quality graphics Small stain upper left otherwiseVF (Stock number 508tc031) $35.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Guests of the Stetson House, 1866. Complimentary ball pass. Colorful, c/s, siled, very nice. F (Stock number 508tc032) $125.00 SOLD

Click for Detail Hunting, Fishing and Pleasure Boats and Canoes. Minor tear left margin, soiling at lower edge otherwise F (Stock number 508tc033) $110.00 SOLD

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